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The Lions Barber Collective

The Bluebeards Revenge is very proud to announce a new partnership with male mental health and suicide charity The Lions Barber Collective.

The Lions Barber Collective works hard to educate barbers in how to spot the symptoms of mental health and depression, whilst encouraging men to talk to their barbers (and each other) about their issues.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK and, in 2014, 74% of all suicide victims in the UK were male. These are just two of the many shocking statistics that highlight just how important the charity’s work is.

The Bluebeards Revenge is dedicated to promoting and supporting the fine work that the charity coordinates. Our work will begin with an innovative campaign that will see the inside of The Bluebeards Revenge cartons rebranded with powerful messages from The Lions Barber Collective.

The inspiring partnership will also help The Lions Barber Collective to raise vital funds for its BarberTalk initiative, and the millions of men that suffer from depression worldwide, by introducing a limited edition Bluebeards Revenge grooming product, with all the proceeds going to the charity.

BarberTalk is a bespoke training program which aims to enable barbers to recognise, talk, listen, and signpost their clients when they are sat in the barber chair.

The charity’s founder, Tom Chapman, added: “As barbers we have a unique relationship with our clients. They trust us and we build friendships based on this. It creates a strong bond and allows many people to open up and discuss subjects and uses that they wouldn’t necessarily talk to their friends and family about.”

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Orchid – Fighting Male Cancer

We are very pleased and proud to announce a new charity partnership with the male cancer charity Orchid. During the year we will be doing our very best to support this outstanding charity but are beginning our involvement with an innovative campaign that will see all Bluebeards Revenge packaging feature potentially life saving advice for men on the insides of the cartons.

Up to now this has just been unused space which will be pressed into service with a view to educating men on how to check for and deal with male cancers. Significantly this campaign will be headed up by Phil “The Raging Bull” Vickery of England rugby fame!

The exciting partnership will also look to raise vital funds to help Orchid fight the three main men’s cancers – prostate, penile and testicular cancer.

Every year over 37,400 men will be diagnosed with a male cancer in the UK. Orchid is the UK’s leading charity specialising in these three male specific cancers – testicular, prostate and penile disease. Established in 1996 by a young testicular cancer patient and the oncologist who saved his life, Professor Tim Oliver, Orchid works to improve the lives of people affected by male cancers in 3 ways: a range of support services, educational campaigns and raising awareness and through funding a pioneering research programme.

Orchid is a small dynamic charity that “punches well above our weight”. In the last two years they have increased their income, awareness campaigns, profile and educational programmes. Today they support more people than ever before. But with cases of male cancer on the increase, they need to do even more to support men and their families – both today and well into the future.

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Orchid is Registered in England with the Charity Commission No 1080540. Company Registered in England No. 3963360