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Press Reviews

avatar"If you suffer from tough stubble, this shaving cream will reduce its growth over a period of time, meaning less aggro for your skin!"

Grooming Editor
avatar"It includes active ingredients like decelerine to reduce beard growth and tackle problems like razor rash and burn."

Grooming Editor
The People
avatar"The Bluebeards Revenge is the solution real men with real stubble have been waiting all these years! Not only does it contain a unique formula to combat thick stubble, razor rash, bumps and burn, but its also the only shaving cream on the market to contain Decelerine."

Grooming Editor
avatar"The performance was on par with some of the best shave creams I’ve tried - in fact, it now tops that list."

Dave Alaxander
avatar"The Bluebeards Revenge range of shaving products is a proverbial breath of fresh air. Favouring the shaving cream and brush of old over the foams, gels and oils that cost a fortune and do little in return, the company has a clear message: our products are for real men with real stubble."

Grooming Editor
avatar"The Bluebeards Revenge is without a doubt one of the best shaving creams I have ever used."

Mike Sandoval
avatar"Bluebeard shaving creams and balms contain the miracle ingredient Decelerine, which is designed to reduce and delay hair growth, meaning you shave less, allowing your skin to recover from of any problems such as ingrown hairs and razor rash."

Sam Normington
Gay Times
avatar"The Bluebeards Revenge can reduce the growth of stubble by up to 40%, meaning a man can get on with what he does best - manliness - without sporting stubble before the day is out."

Alexander Fitzgerald
Irish Tatler Man
avatar"This product truly is worth every penny. I like the eye-catching labeling.... its very ‘mans-mans’ and inviting in a elegant pirate sort of way."

Daniel Cross
The Urban Gentleman
avatar"WE'RE loving this fab new range of men's shaving essentials aimed at the modern, masculine man. Especially the affordable and delicious cologne with hints of sicilian bergamot and ligurian basil, then a base of madagascar vanilla and manly sandalwood. Delish!"

Lauren Naylor
The Sun

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