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movember mo

After a month of growing a tache and most importantly raising awareness and funds for men’s health (specifically prostate and testicular cancer), Movember is drawing to a close, seeing the army of ‘Mo Bros’ approach the big ‘shave off.’

Men have spent the month perfecting their chosen style of mo, but this week will see girlfriends and wife’s rejoice across the world as the big shave off looms.

bluebeards revenge male grooing range

The Bluebeards Revenge offers the complete grooming range

Many men will probably be disappointed to see their trusty ‘tache’ go but The Bluebeards Revenge has the perfect tools to give any man the closet shave of the year so far…

We like to reduce getting a great shave into three easy steps: Prepare, Shave, Protect.

Prepare your face for shaving by taking a shower beforehand and use a good face wash or scrub. Also once you step out of the shower apply The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil.

Shave your face by using a good balanced razor like The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Scimitar’, a sharp blade, and The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream applied with a one of our luxury shaving brushes.

Shave in three passes going with, across, and against the grain for a close smooth shave. Remember we are just reducing the beard, not trying to remove it, so just let the razor glide across your face, don’t bear down or put any pressure on it.

Protect by rinsing your face first in warm water then cold water. Afterwards apply The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm to help protect and keep your skin smooth and hydrated.


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