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Morning grooming routine

Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t leave much time to spare for a morning grooming routine – and neither does that extra half an hour in bed. Dress it up how you like, but it all comes down to the same dilemma, and that is getting yourself into an acceptable-looking state in a minimal amount of time, with minutes to spare for that extra coffee. || Read more

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Knotslip Promotional Shoot.

It started off as a one-night-only performance in a local Stars in their Eyes competition for nothing more than a laugh, but fifteen months on, enigmatic Slipknot cover band Knotslip are still going strong. With a UK tour in the pipeline and a homecoming gig in November at the venue that launched their career, the nine-piece are going from strength to strength. The metal band pride themselves on their ability to – in their words – “deliver a show like an axe to the head”, and having played to crowds of thousands and been noted by Slipknot themselves, they are ready to tear their way across the UK, making as much noise as possible as they do so. || Read more

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Following the success of the 2013/14 Britain’s Best Shave tournament, we are pleased to announce that the 2014/15 competition is already well into the planning stages, with the final set to take place in the new and exciting setting of the first ever Barber UK, at the Birmingham NEC in May 2015. || Read more

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Aloe Vera

Shaving brings a whole host of nasty skin risks along with it if the correct measures are not taken to protect your face before and after. While we could give you a lengthy lecture about the right way to prep for your routine, what’s done is already done, so instead we are on hand to advise you on the best way to treat that painful razor rash – and let this be a lesson to you! || Read more

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Someone trying to cut man's beard

Shave to save your life!

We’ve already told you that beards are over, so if you’re still hanging onto your facial hair then more fool you. Not only is it no longer the look du jour, but you’re also letting yourself in for a whole host of other beard-related strife – with a health and safety risk around every corner, it’s an accident just waiting to happen! || Read more

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We’ve got another loud and proud rock band for you this week, hailing straight from the South Wales border and screaming to be heard. || Read more

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Man drinking a cup of coffee

If you’ve recently taken the jump and swapped soap for facial wash, you’re probably feeling quite smug about your skin. But if you think you’ve got damage and premature ageing covered, you’d better think again. || Read more

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South London hard rockers Superfecta are about as manly as it gets, churning out a steady stream of heavy, gritty tracks with charismatic vocals and truly sublime song composition. || Read more

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woman shaving her face

Despite the wealth of women’s beauty products on the market today, there are some things that just don’t quite cut the mustard, and if you’re not careful, she’ll have pilfered some of yours before you know it. We can imagine your outrage – with the money she spends and the variety she has to choose from, compared to the pennies you reluctantly hand over for a small selection of items, it’s little wonder. || Read more

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Sorry it’s been a few weeks since we last posted an update on our straight razor project, it’s been a busy few weeks here as we are looking to move premises and it’s Summer, so there have been a few people lapping up the sunshine abroad. Rest assured, our tireless bladesmith has still been working hard on our prototype straights, and we have a few more videos on him refining the blade for today’s post. || Read more

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