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bluebeards revenge shaving brushes

Relax. Shaving brushes can go through phases of shedding hair, especially at the beginning when the brush is settling. || Read more

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Job Vacancy for experienced old-school barber in Malta

|| Read more

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How to protect your skin and hair from the elements

With freezing temperatures and biting winds descending after a surprisingly mild few months, you could suddenly find that that grooming routine you’ve got down to a tee no longer cuts the mustard. Cold weather can take a real toll on the skin and hair if you don’t take measures to counteract the effects. Chapped lips, dry, flaky skin and brittle hair are all dilemmas you may have to contend with, but your best bet is to nip them in the bud before they have the chance to become a real issue.

Here’s how to winter-proof your grooming routine and stay one step ahead of the game. || Read more

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The Bluebeards Revenge is delighted to annouce their first ambassadors for 2015. Sandyman Chop Shop, based in Exeter in Devon, have come on board to rep the brand for the coming year, both in-shop and on the road. || Read more

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Here at the BBR, we’re certainly not ones to do things by halves, and we never shy away from the chance to do something a little bit outrageous. This time, it’s not a bar of soap or a pair of socks that we’ve been keeping under wraps, but a newly done-up Bluebeards stunt plane! || Read more

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Britain's Manliest Man winner Alun Pepper

Now Alun Pepper, 43, wants others to ‘Man up and check’ for early signs and symptoms of disease.

|| Read more

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Like it or not, the Christmas festivities are over, and with New Year’s Day no doubt a complete write-off for most after a little alcohol-related over-indulgence, today is the time to start afresh. The second of January is the new first, and whether it’s your weight, your job, that relationship or your finances that have been bringing you down a bit over the past twelve months, the start of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes and improve your life. || Read more

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If you were one of the many men who left their Christmas gift shopping until the 11th hour last week, then chances are, you’re just as likely to be unprepared for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thankfully, all you need is a few extra minutes to ensure that you look and feel your best on the big day, so whether you’ve got a big party lined up or are having a quiet one with the family, our quick tips will see you through any eventuality. || Read more

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Money no object? These manly gifts scream luxury and indulgence.

Christmas is edging nearer – in fact, it’s so close you can almost taste it. But what is the discerning shopper to do if they haven’t fulfilled all of their gift requirements at this point in time? Fear not, for The Bluebeards Revenge has come to the rescue with the final installment in our Christmas Gift Guide series, and this time, it’s the turn of the luxury grooming gift. We’ve got three mantastic presents to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to put a smile on his face this festive season. || Read more

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Hair pomade, explained

Not everyone is clued up in all aspects of male grooming, and there is always something new to learn or a product you haven’t tried. So with the recent launch of The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade, if you don’t know what this type of styling product is, then this is your chance to find out. || Read more

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