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Sorry it’s been a few weeks since we last posted an update on our straight razor project, it’s been a busy few weeks here as we are looking to move premises and it’s Summer, so there have been a few people lapping up the sunshine abroad. Rest assured, our tireless bladesmith has still been working hard on our prototype straights, and we have a few more videos on him refining the blade for today’s post.

Here we see the vernier calipers in use to make sure our bladesmith is putting the nose and the hole for the pins in the correct place. If the hole is directly off centre it would mean that the straight razor wouldn’t pivot correctly.

Once the measurements are in place, our bladesmith must carefully drill out the hole and switch over to sync both sides.

This video shows different types of wet stone being used to polish the blade. You’ll see from the video there are a number of different wet stones,  each of which vary slightly to offer a different finish. This is an extremely long and time-consuming process, as Damascus steel is notoriously tough to manage.

You’ll also see the bladesmith check the blade on his thumb nail. At this stage the blade edge is extremely sharp.

As you’ll see from these videos, the blade we’re fashioning here looks like a Spanish point. As of yet, we’re still undecided on what finish we are going to choose with the blade, as we’re still playing around with a few ideas. You’ll also see in future posts that we have a number of prototypes with a number of variables that our bladesmith has given us to choose from – So please don’t take this as the finished design.

There is still much to do on the project and already a lot of hours put into the project, however, the excitement is mounting as in the next few weeks we should be able to examine the prototypes for ourselves. A big thanks goes to our bladesmith who’s knowledge in forging this blade has been irreplaceable.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll be able to bring you a bit more information and finally see the finished blade.

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