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Think you’re clued up when it comes to grooming? Well, it turns out that you could be missing a trick. According to new research, 64% of men are using the wrong products for their skin and hair types, and as many as 58% don’t know how to make the most of their appearance. With summer now just around the corner, we’ve identified the areas where you might be going wrong – make these five grooming swaps today, and the chances are, you won’t want to look back. || Read more

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How to protect your skin and hair from the elements

With freezing temperatures and biting winds descending after a surprisingly mild few months, you could suddenly find that that grooming routine you’ve got down to a tee no longer cuts the mustard. Cold weather can take a real toll on the skin and hair if you don’t take measures to counteract the effects. Chapped lips, dry, flaky skin and brittle hair are all dilemmas you may have to contend with, but your best bet is to nip them in the bud before they have the chance to become a real issue.

Here’s how to winter-proof your grooming routine and stay one step ahead of the game. || Read more

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Man's eyes

Tired of hearing your girlfriend banging on about how you need to look after your skin and to stop stealing her beauty products in order to do so as they “aren’t right for your oily skin”? || Read more

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