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Like it or not, the Christmas festivities are over, and with New Year’s Day no doubt a complete write-off for most after a little alcohol-related over-indulgence, today is the time to start afresh. The second of January is the new first, and whether it’s your weight, your job, that relationship or your finances that have been bringing you down a bit over the past twelve months, the start of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes and improve your life. || Read more

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There are certain tools that every man should have in his shaving and grooming arsenal. Whether you are the fast and furious type or you prefer taking the time to enjoy a thorough preen, pimping your routine comes with a whole host of benefits. Gone are the days when a lowly pot of shaving cream and a comb would suffice, and adding a few select items can enhance the performance of your core products no end. || Read more

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shaving face

Beach season may be over, but that’s no excuse to let yourself go in the grooming department. Whether you’ve got a first date on the horizon or your girlfriend is on your case, the gorilla effect is never going to do you any favours. Yes, it may provide that bit of extra insulation throughout the winter months, but that excuse will no longer wash in today’s well-groomed climate. Plus, if you’ve been working hard at the gym over the summer then you’d be foolish to keep all your hard work under wraps. Likewise if you’re trying to work up the impetus to start, as having visual evidence of your progress is all the motivation you’ll need. || Read more

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Tom 'Maverick' Chapman

It’s week five of Inspire to Aspire, and we’ve got some more exciting rugby talent coming your way. || Read more

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Secure a lucrative one-year modelling contract to become the face of a leading men’s grooming brand

Premium male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge is scouring Britain in a bid to track down the manliest of men. || Read more

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Leigh Centurions rugby star Ryan Brierley

It’s Wednesday, and these days at Bluebeards HQ, this can mean only one thing: It’s time to introduce you to another one of our Inspire to Aspire stars, and this week it’s the turn of talented Leigh Centurions rugby player Ryan Brierley. || Read more

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The Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Dad Kit

Sick of socks and underwhelmed by underwear

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start giving this year’s gift some serious thought. || Read more

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scotland flag

Defending champions came in streets ahead of competition in latest poll

Scotland is still the manliest nation three years after originally claiming the crown, a new survey has revealed. || Read more

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The South African flag

The Bluebeards Revenge is pleased to announce that our products have landed in South Africa! || Read more

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Britain-s Best Shave - The Bluebeards Revenge

Peterborough stylist Liza Schwarz has got a lot to be proud of at the moment. || Read more

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