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Hey big spender. Were the gifts in our previous three guides not enough for you? Well if that’s the case, then worry not, because if your father needs some serious spoiling then you’ve come to the right place.

We won’t mention sucking up if you don’t.

The Bluebeards Revenge "Privateer" Double-Edge Razor Kit

The Bluebeards Revenge “Privateer” Double-Edge Razor Kit

For the serious shaver, our Shaving Cream, Brush and Double Edge Razor Gift Set (£69.99) is sure to put a smile on his face. A totally stunning, bespoke, precision-engineered razor that will give him the cleanest and smoothest of shaves is accompanied by our iconic Luxury Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm and Pure Badger Brush – everything he needs to keep that 5’oclock shadow at bay and show off to his friends simultaneously. Serious brownie points.

If that’s not enough then one of our very special “Privateer” gift sets will be just the job. The “Privateer” Double-Edge Razor Kit will have you in his best books for years as opposed to months, with the Scimitar once again making an appearance, this time alongside our Luxury Shaving Cream and exclusive “Privateer” Badger Brush and Brush & Razor Stand.

Also from the collection comes the “Privateer” Mach 3 Razor Kit, so if he prefers the cartridge razor then this one is for him.

The Bluebeards Revenge "Privateer" Collection Mach 3 Gift Set

The Bluebeards Revenge “Privateer” Collection Mach 3 Gift Set

With all the above items with the exception of the Scimitar, this one enables him to feel pretty darn good about himself when he looks in the mirror during his morning shave.

Last up, it’s The Bluebeards Revenge Barber Bundle. With our Pre-Shave Oil, Luxury Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm, Shavette/Straight Razor, Doubloon Shaving Brush and Shaving Towel, he will be kitted out for the forseeable future, and all for a measly £56.99. This one may be fairly spendy, but it’s excellent value for money, meaning you both end up winners without him even knowing.

All that’s left to say is a very Happy Father’s Day if you’re one yourself – let’s just hope your own son has had the good sense to read The Bluebeards Revenge gift guides or we are sure he’ll be in the dog house!

Written by Melanie Kruger