The Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Dad Kit
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There’s a fine line between being either a cheapskate or the last of the big spenders, and if you happen to fall into the latter bracket, you’ll want to show your appreciation without going into overkill territory and making him think you’re guilty of something.

The Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe Kit

The Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe Kit

Fathers aren’t stupid, and they can spot a suck-up campaign a mile off when they see one!

Luckily, there are plenty of just-so gifts available from the Bluebeards Revenge to hit the nail on the head. The result? One pleased parent.

Top of the list, without a doubt, is the brand spanking new Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Dad Kit (£49.99) – a special edition gift set launched just in time for the big day. Packed with man-treats including our new and convenient Brushless Shaving Solution, must-have Cooling Moisturiser, Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes, fresh and masculine Eau de Toilette, Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and a Bluebeards comb, you’ll have his grooming needs sorted for the forseeable and Father’s Day all sewn up.

If he’s more of a serious wet-shaver then the Deluxe Kit (£34.99) will be right up his alley, with everything he needs to see him through his dedicated routine from start to finish. Complete with our Post-Shave Oil, iconic Luxury Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm, Doubloon Brush and even an Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, what more could he possibly need?

For fathers who fancy manning up and learning to cut-throat shave, the Cut-Throat Shavette Kit (£34.99) is your best bet. As well as his weapon of choice, he’ll also get a Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm and Doubloon shaving brush to help him on his way.

The Bluebeards Revenge "Scimitar" Double-Edge Razor

The Bluebeards Revenge “Scimitar” Double-Edge Razor

For real Bluebeard dads, there is nothing better to give as a gift than our totally stunning, bespoke and precision-engineered Double-Edge Scimitar Razor. Not only will it enable him to safely slice through stubble at the speed of light, but it will also look great sitting on the bathroom shelf.

And if you’re tired of catching him darting out of the bathroom in your mother’s pink dressing gown then get him a Bluebeards Revenge Man Robe (£49.99), quick. 100% cotton and with The Bluebeards Revenge’s logo printed on both the front and back, you will literally have it covered in the manliest possible of ways.

If this little lot doesn’t give you some ideas on how best to spoil your old man, then keep an eye out for tomorrow’s fourth and final gift guide, where we’ll be sharing the absolute cream of the Bluebeards crop and some perfect ideas for spoilt dads!

Written by Melanie Kruger