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The ideal shave can be boiled down to three simple steps: Prepare. Shave. Protect.

Mantic shaving Bluebeards revenge

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To Prepare: take a shower, then wash with a mild face wash or scrub; preferably one for men or for your skin type.

To Shave: lather up using a good quality shaving cream such as The Bluebeards Revenge, or another fine shaving cream preferably with a brush. A good quality razor with good sharp blade, whether a safety razor or cartridge razor, is ideal to shave with. Shave first in the direction of hair growth, then across, then against.

To Protect: rinse all the remaining cream off the face, then rinse with cold water, closing the pores. Then apply a good quality post-shave balm, skin food, or toner to refresh and hydrate the skin.

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