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Inspire to Aspire


The Bluebeards Revenge launches new Inspire to Aspire campaign in bid to unearth new talent

Here at Bluebeards HQ, we know what it’s like to start at the bottom. Building a brand for yourself and raising your profile can seem like a monumental task, and finding the time when you’re busy doing what you do best can be quite the challenge!

Sportsmen, musicians and other gifted souls alike, we are digging deep in a bid to unearth the best in hidden talent – the sort that have got the drive and determination to succeed, as well as the skill to make it happen – and giving them a helping hand along their way.

Real Men make it happen.

The Inspire to Aspire campaign is about working with those with the courage to reach out and grab what they want from life. That’s real manliness at its best, and that’s what the BBR is all about. We are doing all we can to support these guys and propel them further into the public eye, because frankly, their talent deserves more recognition. We’re getting people talking about them and showing the world what they’ve got, with a view to maximising their success and gaining them the following and fan-base they deserve, as well as encouraging future opportunities for them from different sources.

Meet our very special selection of Inspiring people. These guys are man enough. Are you?


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Hugh Gallie

Ryan Brierley
Ryan Brierley

flood of red
Flood of Red

Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman

Grant Pointer
Grant Pointer

Grant Pointer

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