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Luke Anthony’s Hair Academy

We currently run a number of Barber training programmes; students tend to book the 5 day intensive barber course and then also do the shave course as we offer them the course at a discounted rate:

1) 5 Day Intensive Barber Course
2) 1 Day Wet Shave Course
3) Refresher/experience days
4) Salon ‘in house’ training courses

5 Day Intensive Barber Course

Covers modules:
1. Introduction to male grooming and shaving principles
2. Client communication
3. Shampooing and conditioning
4. Face shapes and hair growth patterns
5. Tools, equipment & products (Bluebeard range)
6. Cutting basics & clipper work
7. Hair structure and the scalp
8. Hair and scalp conditions
9. Legislation & Regulations
10. Health, Safety and Salon Hygiene

To optimise ‘hands on’ customer cutting experience, we send out a ‘Course book’ beforehand so the students can gain an understanding of the course material before it begins.

When the week begins, students are given a ‘Workbook’, which lets them know what modules will be covered each day, typically the days include;
AM – homework test (from previous nights literature), theory and feedback session, cutting demonstrations (different styles).
PM – Cutting techniques on Blocks and then ‘live’ clients later in the week.

They work on ‘Blocks’ Day 1 & 2, by Day 3 they are being taught cutting techniques on ‘live’ clients.

1 Day Wet Shave Course

1. Introduction to shaving principles
2. Client communication
3. Face shapes and beard growth patterns
4. Tools and equipment, products (Bluebeard range)
5. Hair structure and the scalp
6. Hair and scalp conditions
7. Legislation & Regulations
8. Health, Safety and Salon Hygiene

As above the Course book is sent out prior to the course, the topics that relate to theory are talked through in the morning sessions and students will have this information as a point of reference when they start their new career. The students are asked to watch ‘Bluebeards’ uploads prior to commencement, including- bluebeards shaving & grooming tips so they can see how a shave is carried out. A demonstration is then carried out by the tutor of the ‘whole shave’ which is talked through with the students whilst they watch.

In the afternoons the students work on at least 3 live models each.

Refresher & experience days.

These tend to be taylor made to what each student requires ie barbers wishing to modernise their cutting/clippering techniques or barbers who wish to have a bit more experience in barbering and shaving.

Salon ‘in house’ courses

We also deliver intensive training in other barber salons/shops – when owners wish to have a number of students taught ‘shaving’ at the same time.


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