What ‘Real Men’ are saying about The Bluebeards Revenge

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I Just received my pot of Bluebeards revenge this morning, good job it came so quickly as I had not shaved since being told it was coming to give it a good test. The first thing I noticed was the scent nice, fresh and very manly not unlike a certain Taylor’s cream I like. I normally use a shaving bowl but decided to dip my brush directly in the pot as per the instructions – I was staggered at the amount of lather from so little product probably twice as much as the other product I use. I got three passes from one dip of my brush! Given that I have strong stubble and had not shaved for two days Bluebeard got me to smooth in three passes and with little touch up required. I would normally use pre-shave oil in these circumstances but none was required. Very impressed! As with any new product you get to know what works best and so I am expecting Bluebeards performance to get better as I learn how best to use it. Also if it lasts as long as it appears and saves me the cost of pre-shave oil then I will save some money too!


I’ve just shaved with this and am very impressed. Just a smidgeon was enough to give a creamy luxurious lather when used with a Semogue boar brush. The scent is pleasant and fresh, but the star quality is the lather. I have no idea if the ‘special properties’ work – only time will tell I suppose – but to be honest I’ll buy it anyway. A lovely cream. Oh, and I like the recyclable packaging too.


Never mind the claims about reducing the appearance of your stubble – I would like to judge Bluebeards Revenge purely on its merits as a shaving cream. I have to say that The boys at Bluebeards Revenge have hit the nail right on the head and have produced a lovely product. The first thing you notice is the scent – or more to the point my wife noticed it and liked it – always a good start. Secondly the product lathers up really well using just a very small amount. It’s a soft and creamy lather and feels really good on the skin. Next the shave – smooth and crisp, a real pleasure! Finally the post-shave experience – my face felt pampered and soft, I think there must be an ingredient in the product that promotes this and it works a treat. The scent lingers just enough too. Congratulations boys – Bluebeards Revenge looks like a success to me.


Well what can i say…the wife grabbed the box from the postie and being curious opened it up to a sound of “phwoarr” this smells nice. Well prised it out of her hands to find a beautiful presented and well packaged box…you wont find better anywhere, colours are bang on. Got me wee scott out and put on a chunk of about a baked bean size crean on….into the bowl and swirl away. A minute later and the lather was coming along fine…loverly in fact, enough for 3 passes easily. Nice smell…nice glide …no irritation. Personally I don’t want anything else. Well done for this lovely new product.


Thanks for the free pot of BlueBeards revenge. I tried the product the last couple of days and i really like it!. The scent is very ‘manly’ and seems to let the razor glide really well. I’m a nooby to this way of shaving and really like the way this product feels. Coming from the Omega shaving cream, I think it’s a better product, although a tube of Omega lasts me a long time so I will see if this pot lasts the same. My face also seems to feel much smoother after using BlueBeards Revenge and seems to feel smoother for a longer through the day, although this might be because of the aforementioned razor glide giving a better razor action. All in all, I think this a good product, will i change to it? I think it depends on the price compared to Omega.


I just used the Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream and I can honestly say it was one of the best shaves I have ever had, since I started shaving with a traditional DE razor, I have used many creams but bluebeards is one of the best so far. As a genuine member of the 10 o’clock in the morning shadow club, I really thought there was no hope, I even thought to use a blowtorch like Desperate Dan! After using this shaving cream, my face feel great. It gives a very close comfortable shave, smells really nice and a little goes a long way.


I received my Bluebeards revenge yesterday in the post and was excited to give it a try. Luckily I needed a shave, so this morning I had a shower and set about with my razor, a Merkur slant, and my badger brush. I followed the instructions, applying directly to the brush and then direct to my face instead of via a shaving mug, and I must say I was very impressed! The smell is great, fresh and clean, the cream itself applies and lathers up brilliantly. A little really DOES go a long way. THEN there is the box. Wow, whoever designed the box and the tub it comes in deserves a medal. The skull & crossbones really sets it apart from the competition. Its truly is smart, and anyone would be proud to have it displayed in their bathroom.


Got my Blue Beard this morning and was very impressed. I have never used a shaving cream, opting for the traditional quality English shaving soaps ( we all know the brands). The first thing I noticed was the smell, Its not an artificial scented boy band smell but more of subtle man smell that my better half loves. Any way I gave it a go as I hadn’t shaved for over three days so I was ready to give it a good road test. I used a shaving brush although you can use your fingers if needed. I only slightly dipped the brush into the pot and was amazed at how much really creamy lather was created with ample left on the brush for further passes. I must say the shave was very good leaving my face very smooth and soft and considering I am ready for a new razor with no irritation. So yep I’m a fan and I would recommend this product to anyone who is after a good close shave leaving your skin silky smooth.


I suppose I should start by saying that I am slightly biased – I’m much more a fan of lathering creams than I am of hard soaps. I was therefore looking forward to trying this new cream, (after a couple of days without a shave), with my Merkur slant and a fresh Feather. The packaging is very nice and the cream has a pleasant but not overpowering masculine smell. Using my “decent” brush, a thumbnail sized piece of cream whipped up into a very smooth, thick non bubbly lather well inside a minute. Its a very slick lather and I was able to have three full on “Santa” style applications with plenty left over at the end. It held well on the face and provided me with a smooth nicely cushioned shave; it also left a pleasant smell afterwards on the skin. This stuff will go a long way – on a per shave basis this will actually be a very inexpensive product and its top draw quality as well. A cracking effort from the guys at the Shaving Shack.


Had my first shave with the bluebeard today and it was brilliant. The scent is great and smells very manly. The cream created a great lather that went on well and felt good. It made for a very nice shave. Good Stuff highly recommended.


Just received my jar of BLUEBEARDS-REVENGE on opening the jar was greeted with a nice refreshing fragrance and found it to have a nice creamy luxurious feel to it. The cream also lathers well and leaves the face feeling refreshed and smooth. Will certainly use this product again.


Better value than shaving soap! I have never experienced such a thick luxurious lather from such a small brush load, easily enough for two proper passes. The lather leaves your skin super slick. Softens stubble better than Taylors (i think) as I can get a downward stoke at the base of my neck with no irritation which is a first. Razor blades seem to be lasting 2 to 3 shaves longer too. Smell is fabulous. Manly without the old man musk. Only criticism is that it could be even stronger. Buy it!!


Ran out of Taylors Avocado a few days ago and decided to order some Bluebeards Revenge based on reviews here. With Taylors I had to use a pre-shave oil as well, just because my beard is so tough. I use a Murker model 42 with a Feather blade. Decided to try the Bluebeards without any oil and it works a treat. It lathers up easily and softens the stubble very well and allowed me to do a 2 pass shave on 4 days growth first thing in the morning which is usually unheard for me. Face felt fresh after the shave without any sign of irritation which I would normally have with my old cream. The scent is great, would love to see more Bluebeard products with the same scent. Well done Shaving Shack.


I am not swayed by marketing but I am swayed by this product. It has a very traditional pleasant “manly” smell about it. I’ve not come across a better shaving cream and I’ve tried quite a few. Full marks.


First can i say what fun itwas to be a “tester”- shows what sort of life i lead-the product you sent me was, i have to say outstanding, but it seems to me that the full size pot that i have recently received may be a tweaked product, because in conjunction with my Merkur razor, i have just had the best shaves in the past forty odd years. This stuff is truly brilliant, and produces masses of smooth soothing lather, in fact i don’t know how you expect to make money from it, as it seems very little is needed-oops shouldn’t have mentioned that. This stuff is so good, and i am not suggesting people try this if not very experienced with a razor (and only then at their own risk), but i stupidly got myself rather sunburned on the face whilst fishing, well after only 48hrs i was able to have a normal, if carefull shave, this was only possible i am sure, because of the magical effect of the old Bluebeards Revenge, a true wonder of modern science. I have been using a razor all my life, since i found at an early age that an electric jobby would not touch my beard, and having sensitive skin i have a cabinet full of medieval substances that are supposed to help with the ultimate shave, well they are for the bin, cos all that is needed is in Bluebeards Revenge.


Just got home from a foreign holiday and found this on the mat. I did wonder if it would EVER arrive!! Now that it is here I have used it twice. WOW!! Thick, creamy and goes a long way!!! Smells great too and brought back memories of the test period. Big problem here is that the ‘fairer sex’ has already sniffed something different and is on the hunt to try something other than my Tabac which she seems to get through more and more!! Well done Shaving Shack!! Great item and well worth the wait!!


Great creamy lather from a small dab on the shaving brush which didn’t fade or take too much away from the blade, leaving a nice smooth finish. Very good, now the shaving cream used most often.


So my boyfriend has been going on about this new bluebeards revenge shaving cream, which he says is supposed to slow down beard growth, I hope so as he’s constantly looking unshaven and I wouldn’t mind a little less stubble rash! It’s meant to be for ‘real men’ but I had a sniff of it the other day and it smelt really nice! I decided to steal a bit to use on my legs as I have tried a lot of creams and they still give my sensitive legs a rash. You only need a really small amount as a little goes a long way and its really creamy, the results are great! My legs were so smooth afterwards and no rash, I will definitely carry on stealing and using this cream, I’ve never found anything quite like it! Just don’t tell my fella, whoops just did 🙂


I have been using my jar of Bluebeard’s Revenge for a good few weeks now so I feel that I can give a review covering more than just an initial assessment. The two most obvious things about the cream when I first used it were the scent and the lather. The scent is clean and fresh in the jar, and when lathered on the wet brush the strength seems to increase, without ever becoming overpowering. After the shave is finished and the face dried the scent remains subtly on the skin. The lathering can only be described as excellent. A small amount on the bristles of the brush (nothing special, just plain boar) produces loads of lather instantly when applied directly to the face. The lather is rich, thick and creamy, and easily lasts for 2 or 3 passes. The shave is smooth and the lather provides good lubrication so no irritation to the skin. As the weeks have passed all these good qualities have continued to show themselves, along with one of my favourite things about the cream – it’s really moisturising. My skin seems to have improved since I started using it, with no dryness of my face at all. One further benefit of it lathering so well is that after even many uses I have barely scratched the surface of the jar so it looks like really good value for money too. Thoroughly recommended.


I’ve been using The Bluebeards Revenge now for just over 4 weeks. As one of the people that “scent tested” it last year it has been a long but worthwhile wait in receiving the finished product. I’ve been shaving with a double edged razor now for nearly two years, and over this time I’ve tried a variety of shaving soaps, creams, oils etc, an d haven’t been able to find one that I have gone back to. Until now that is. The BBR is just perfect for my THICK, SPIKY stubble, and as testament to this my kids don’t mind a good night kiss from me anymore! Firstly, the packaging is great – that skull and crossbones lets you know that this stuff means business. The scent is very clean and soap-like – just as i should be. In terms of lather, I used a tiny amount on my boar hair brush and it produced a rich, thick lather in just a few strokes. The shave itself is made quite easy as BBR keeps the skin very moisturised for those of us who like to make multiple strokes. I have found that unlike other shave creams, a single application lets me shave my whole face in about 10 minutes. Best of all, is that the skin feels smooth and soft to the touch afterwards. I can certainly recommend this cream for any hair types. After a months use I have barely used any, so it should last well. Well done.


How can you not be excited to see a tub of shaving cream with a scull and crossbones sitting on your counter? This is a great product. Very thick looking cream in the tub. Loaded some product into my brush, began building my lather in my mug and very soon it was about to run over the top. More lather than I could have used in a week, well close anyway. Started to apply the lather to my face and this great scent began to fill my nose, I can’t really pin down what the smell was, but it is highly pleasurable. Very slick lather as I began to shave. Razor glides like a hot knife through butter. Bottom line is Bluebeards revenge is a top shelf product!


When the securely and neatly packaged box arrived i knew I was in for a treat – The care a company takes on its image before opening the product says a lot about what it thinks of its own product in the box. Bright blue box and a skull and crossbones – shame i had already shaved yesterday actually. Anyway, it smelt pleasant and natural rather than over scented and false – wait for the real test. The tiniest amount lathered up to a magnificent covering and the first stroke of the razoe told me what I had expected by now – this was special. The razor shaved perfectly with little requirement for another stroke but such was the lather that the razor never felt like it was touching my skin – result NO RAZOR RASH – first time in years. When washed off, the lather leaves no residual stickiness and my skin has been smooth but not sore all day. I am a convert.


I get a very close, smooth shave and I don’t get that annoying facial irritation afterwards. That alone is golden! The scent is refreshing, too, without smelling like I have a bouquet of daffodils hanging around my neck (as some shaving creams do).


I’ve been using the Revenge of the Bluebeard for a couple of weeks now and thought I’d give it a go for that time first before I posted. It is definitely the best shaving cream I have used. The shave is a lot more comfortable, smoother, requires less hacking of my skin and feels a lot nicer afterwards. I am impressed for sure. Splashing after shave is not as painful as it used to be. I’ve also used it probably about 10 times (as I shave every other day in the week and hardly ever shave at weekends) and I’ve hardly even used any of the tub. I will most definitely be purchasing this again in the future (along with the soap) although it could be a long time before I need to


Smells incredible, lathers up great. A tiny amount will leave lather everywhere. It’s incredibly good protection against the razor and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.


Fantastic stuff, end of. My tub arrived this morning and couldn’t wait to try it, normally my stubble is very tough and sharp which means I could only shave comfortably with about a week between shaves which meant my stubble was scruffy and irritating. I tried this right away thinking I wouldn’t have anything to lose and wow what a difference. It has only been 3 days since my last shave but Bluebears Revenge made shaving a real joy once again without the thought of days of itching between shaves. Only needed to use a tiny amount, just a slight dab left me with more than enough to do another two peoples faces, the scent of it is amazingly fresh and manly compared to a Mr Trumper. Definately worth the investment and will be ordering again when I eventually run out in a few months.


A little bit about my shaving routine. I usually shave after a shower and shave a couple of times a week. I use a pre-shave scrub and shaving gel by Gillette with a brush and a Mach 3 razor. I get a lot of burn and have usually got a 5 O’clock shadow a few hours later. To counteract the irritation, I use more gel and go through large volumes. So, I now have this new product. I decide to only replace the shaving gel and not change any other part of my shaving routine. The ease of application is striking as is the lasting nature of a small volume of th product. It feels very soothing and the most important for me, no burn. My skin feels mooth and I feel I’m getting a better shave as my “2 hours later” shadow is more a “I’ll be back tomorrow” shadow. My face feels less battered and my skin feels better. Also, I feel that hair takes longer to grow back. All in all, this is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks!


Would I Recommend? Absolutely! One aspect of this cream is its ‘beard-reducing’ properties which doesn’t seem to be too impressive to the more traditional shavers. Personally I’m not too worried if my beard lessens slightly, and the extra chemicals in the cream don’t bother me. I don’t think Shaving Shack needed to add this USP as it is a great cream anyway, but I assume they are going for a specific market. Anyway, I urge anyone sitting on the fence to give this a try.


This is my first shaving cream purchased since getting a good Razor, and i am glad i got it!! I did try a cheap shaving soap from the supermarket first but it has nothing on this stuff. This lathers so much better and you only need a fraction of the amount that I needed of the other. This was 5 times more expensive but i think it is worth every penny! I would buy this again!


For many years I have been shaving using various types of multi-blade disposable razors, and shaving gel out of a can. Not today though! Today I tried this shaving cream along with The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Scimitar’ Double Edge Razor. The cream lathered up very nicely using a brush, and then I started shaving. There was simply no pulling or tugging of the face like you get with a multi-blade razor. In fact it was so smooth that I wondered if it was actually doing anything at all! After I finished though my face felt so smooth and there were no cuts or nicks at all. I then moisturised my face using The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm (100ml). If all the shaves I have in future are as good as this one then shaving will, from now on, be a pleasure and not a chore!


Got this for my husband as I read such great reviews about it everywhere, don’t think I read anything bad about it all. Husband rates it very highly.


Tried this after using various high street brands. Far more lather compared to the cheaper brands and a little goes a long way.


I started DE shaving only a few months ago but in that time i have tried numerous shaving creams/soaps ranging from £1.49 to £40 and i can hand on heart say that this has giving me my best results so far. Ive tried it with various blades and it always performs exactly the same giving plenty of lubrication to the skin and leaving me feeling fresh afterwards.


Have been using this cream for approximately 2-3 months now and I must say its excellent. The lather is rich and ample form just a small portion. The richness of the lather is also perfect and in fact beats Trumper and Taylor in some respects. The beard reducing aspect isn’t important for me personally but I may have noticed a slight reduction in the stubble recently. The scent is also quite nice and fresh. Overall I would say this is a pedigree product.


THE SHAVING EQUIVALENT OF DISCOVERING FIRE ” I can’t believe how good this is ! I’ve tried lots of soaps since converting to DE shaving ( merkur futur ) and this is the best product yet ! a beatifully smooth shave , no razor burn and a great feeling face at the end and thats after 3 passes ! I found it easier to use a small blob in a mug , that made a great lather that lasted well and was less messy than doing on your face but thats just personal preference . I have now managed to convert 4 of my shift team to DE shaving I’m now going to do them the favour of converting them to this!


I can’t vouch for the beard reduction properties yet, but the closest most comfortable shave yet from my Merkur Slant-Bar with Feather Blades. Just trying to get the Missus to use it.