As a brand, we are proud of the premium products that we’ve been delivering to men and barbers all over the world since 2010. Our vision is to ensure that we continue to supply the same high standards our products are known for, while managing our impacts on the environment. This is an ever-evolving journey that always aims to balance the social and environmental responsibilities that we hold dear.

Our team works hard to secure the raw materials we need from ethically consistent and sustainable sources. We always put an emphasis on developing responsible partnerships with our suppliers and associates, making sure they share the same common principles of fair and honest trading that we do. Any undertakings to achieve these goals are conducted in compliance with relevant local environmental, social and ethical legislations.

We take all reasonable, practical steps and reserve the right to assess any of our suppliers to ensure that the required standards above are being met. If they are not, we will work with those at fault to move towards compliance, or terminate our involvement with them.

When producing packaging and product containers, we are always aiming to create breath-taking designs, while balancing the consequential environmental impacts of this. As a result, we continuously strive to improve the recyclability of all of our product cartons and containers.

Many of our consumables are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly, demonstrating our efforts to reduce the amount of animal-based materials we use. As far as is possible and practicable, we strive to make sure that these raw materials are ethically supplied from sustainable sources.

For a more comprehensive guide on which of our products are vegetarian and/or vegan friendly, please get in touch with our team.

The Bluebeards Revenge strongly opposes the practice of animal testing. To our best ability, we seek to ensure that no animal testing is conducted in the sourcing, testing and production of any of our products.

When animal-based materials are required, such as in our traditional badger and boar hair shaving brushes, we are vigilant in sourcing these materials from sustainable and humane origins.

Should you have any questions or suggestions on how we might be able to improve our environmental stance, please contact us on