London School of Barbering

The UK’s Leader in Barber Training

The London School of Barbering (LSB) specialises in one thing: Barber Training. It uses a truly unique approach by incorporating a blend of exceptional barber teachers, small class sizes and a practice-based approach to learning. The learning experience is fun and replicates the true barbershop environment to best prepare students.

LSB offers the following:
–Become a qualified barber in intensive barbering courses
–Opt for a 2-day traditional wet shave only course
–Strong trainers with barbering backgrounds
–Unrivalled practice on real live models

Why London School of Barbering

If you’re looking for a school to take your career further, London School of Barbering is the right choice:

–LSB is dedicated to barbering and offers an outstanding level of teaching. You will learn fast and excel in the trade.

–The best approach is an individual one. LSB keeps it exclusive with small class sizes, which means you get more attention, time and advice.

–LSB is centrally located in London’s fashionable, exciting west end – the heart of the British hairdressing creativity.

–LSB doesn’t believe in large student groups or a corporate environment. We keep it informal and friendly so you can enjoy learning.


186 Drury Lane
1st Floor
Covent Garden
London – WC2B 5QD

+44 (0) 207 404 0998