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Competition Format


The first stage of the Britain's Best Shave 2018 will open on 30/09/2017. Barbers are invited to submit their entry online by clicking here.


Regional aspect

The BBA and The Bluebeards Revenge will once again break Britain into 12 distinct regions and will shortlist at least 15 wet shaving barbers into each. These wet shaving barbers will then go head-to-head for their regional title. Shortlisted barbers will be given a press pack so they can approach their local media to promote their stunning achievement.

The 12 regions are as follows:
South West
South East
East Anglia/East of England
West Midlands
East Midlands
Yorkshire and the Humber
North West
North East
Northern Ireland

Regional Heats:

Regional heats will take place at selected Salon Services stores' across the country during March 2018. The barber will be asked to visit one of these locations at their own expense and will be judged performing a wet shave. They will also need to bring their own model for the shave demo.

Judging criteria for regional heats

You will be asked to perform a cut throat shave using Bluebeards Revenge products on a model. You will be judged by the British Barbers' Association on a number of different factors: preperation, razor technique, after shave routine and health and safety. You will be given a total score. Please note: wet shaving barbers will need to bring a model to perform a shave on. Detailed information on the regional heats will be provided.

Regional winners announced

The 12 regional winners will be announced to the world in March 2018. The top 7 highest scoring regional winners and the 2017 champion will go on to the national final at Barber UK on May 20, 2018.

National Final at Barber UK 2018

The national final will see the crème-da-la-crème of the wet shaving world go head-to-head in a very special shaving tournament inside a boxing ring. The day promises to be a knockout and certainly a cut above the rest.


- Competition based on the fastest shave with a maximum time of 30 minutes to complete a hot towel shave.
- The referee will check density of beard ensuring it meets the required standard length specified in the competition rules.
- He will also be responsible for checking any infringement of any rules.
- He is responsible for any points to be deducted.
- He is responsible for the competition area, e.g health and safety and is responsible for the stop and start of the competition. His duties can be shared with the announcer.
- The judges/referee decision is final.
- There will also be two sideline judges/time keepers which will help with his decision-making.
- The referee has to pre-check each model ensuring the model meets the required standards for the competition arena.
- If models are not suitable for any reason time penalties are awarded and announced to the audience by the referee.
- All preparation of tools must be completed on the competition floor.
- You will be supplied with a replaceable blade cut-throat razor and shaving products by the official sponsor, The Bluebeards Revenge. No other products can be used.
- You must supply the first heat model.
- The model must have three full days beard growth prior to the competition, and this will be verified by the referee.


- Efficiency
- Accuracy
- How clean the shave is
- Skilful execution and technique

Please note: Time penalties may be awarded for the following reasons:
1.) The non-use of gloves
2.) Cuts and non-compliance of standard health and safety procedures
3.) Leaving on facial hair.
4.) If the beard does not comply to the standard length specified in the rules or if the beard is too fine in comparison to your opponent model.


The winner will be named Britain's Best Wet Shaving Barber for 2018.



- Crowned Britain's Best Wet Shaving Barber for 2018 – a coveted title which they can use in their own PR and marketing.
- Promo video of their wet shaving and barbering skills produced and funded by The Bluebeards Revenge.
- £500 worth (at retail) of Bluebeards Revenge products to use or sell in their barbershop.


- Crowned the best wet shaving barber in their region - a coveted title which they can use in their own PR and marketing.
- £75 worth (at retail) of Bluebeards Revenge products to use or sell in their barbershop.

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