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Forty men shortlisted in hunt for Britain’s Manliest Man – a campaign designed to encourage guys to “Man Up & Check” for testicular cancer

After months of scouring Britain and scores of entries, forty men have now been shortlisted in a competition to track down Britain’s Manliest Man.

The campaign, organised by premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge, Men’s Fitness magazine and men’s cancer charity Orchid, kicked off back in July, and has seen a flurry of entries from men who believe they have got what it takes to claim the coveted title.


Finalist Terence Eastburn, 30, from Nottingham

From soldiers to security guards and models to professional footballers, the final selection is a diverse bunch, each with their own impressively manly attributes. But it’s now down to the public to decide whether it is a manly physique, moralistic views or a story of heroism that will take them all the way to the top.

The race is now on between the finalists to see which of them can garner the most votes and eventually triumph, walking away with the coveted title of Britain’s Manliest Man.

The winner of the competition will become the face of The Bluebeards Revenge for one year, grace the pages of Men’s Fitness, as well as becoming an ambassador for men’s cancer charity Orchid, and taking on an instrumental role in spreading the key message of the competition, persuading men to ‘Man Up and Check’ for the early signs of male-specific cancers.

Every year, 43,000 men are diagnosed with testicular, penile and prostate cancer, yet worryingly, many are still completely in the dark about what to look out for in order to catch the diseases at the earliest possible stage. Testicular cancer in particular is highly treatable when detected early on, with an estimated overall cure rate of 96%, meaning that educating and informing men on how best to look out for their health is of paramount importance.

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive of Orchid, said: “Every day, 6 men in the UK aged 15-45 will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. Despite these statistics over 70% of men still don’t know how to examine themselves. Even more alarmingly, a further 20% have never even thought about self-examining. We want to change this with the help of the Manliest Man competition.”

Finalist Alun Pepper, an RAF Fast Jet Weapons System Officer from Crewe, Cheshire, is a testicular cancer survivor himself.


East London finalist James Martin

He said: “I could say going to war in my role as an RAF Fast Jet Weapons System Officer is the manliest thing I have done, or that I climb mountains, dive barrier reefs, kick box in Thailand and sky dive for fun. Or I could say that it is that I am proficient in the exquisite art of the Japanese sword. But I would have to say that actually, my manliest attribute is talking absolute b*****ks – which I do at every opportunity in order to raise awareness of testicular cancer after surviving it back in 2006. That’s the main reason I entered this competition in the first place.”

Alun is not the only man to triumph in the early stages of the competition, with a host of strong competitors vying for the title. Nottingham Forest footballer Kieran Fenton, 19, Worcester model Myles Leask, 25 and 44-year-old steelworker Nick Morgan, from Kent, are all in the running for the title.

Nick Gibbens, spokesman for The Bluebeards Revenge, said: “We don’t define what’s manly – we’ll let the Great British public decide on that one. But we do know that these guys look the part, with their chiselled jawlines, rugged good looks and masculine physiques.

“Of course, there’s more to it than looks alone, and this is something that we feel should be given careful consideration. But most importantly, our winner will have the chance to spread a very important message, and potentially save some lives while he’s at it. At the moment, countless men are enduring needless suffering, and it’s all down to lack of information, and sometimes even sheer ignorance of male specific cancers.”

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