How to style a scissor-cut contour

Tapered cuts and fades are all the rage right now, which is precisely why you should consider adopting a style that is neither – only then will you really start to stand out from the crowd and bring some individuality to the party. And if that new style boasts as much luscious texture as the scissor-cut contour that’s featured below, then you can expect some serious hair envy from your peers!

Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has teamed up with leading barber, and founder of the Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman to help you master this contemporary style. Below, the Devonian barber has given his expert tips on how you can sculpt this cut in the comfort of your own home. Combine Tom’s expertise with our detailed video and you’ll be showered with compliments when you next hit the town.

It all starts at the barbershop

Every decent barber should have a few scissor-only hairstyles in their locker, so don’t be afraid to ask them to put down the clippers and pick up the scissors. It’s important that this look doesn’t end up looking flat, so make sure you ask your barber to add plenty of texture. Finally, the style needs to be longer on the top and shorter on the back and sides. For a more thorough guide on what to ask your barber for, check out this barber-focussed video.

Styling at home

Recreating the texture and volume that you’ll leave the barbershop with will require a few tools of the trade. If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a hairdryer and a hairbrush: together they will help to add volume to the hair and manipulate it into the shape you desire.

A scissor-cut contour cut by Tom Chapman and The Bluebeards Revenge

To create this look, start by washing your hair thoroughly with The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo and Conditioner to make sure any hair products that you have used over the last few days are removed. Next, apply a sea salt spray to your hair while it is still wet. The sea salt spray will act as a pre-styling agent and allow you to create more shape and structure while blow-drying.

Using a hairdryer and The Bluebeards Revenge Quiff Roller, gently blow-dry your hair to add volume and accentuate the natural texture that has already been cut into it. The quiff roller should be twisted carefully through your locks and will help to create the style’s shape: always start at the back of the head and work towards the front.

Finally, finish by scrunching a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste into your hair from the roots to the tips. And there you have it; a modern scissor-cut style that will last all day and defies the current conventions.


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