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Barbering vs Hairdressing – what is the difference?

Last year was incredibly busy for The Bluebeards Revenge team. We were lucky enough to exhibit at; Barber Connect, Barber UK, Pro Hair and Salon International, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you amongst the crowds.

If last year taught us anything, it was that the professional hair and beauty industry is more alive than ever before. While at these shows, we always make an effort to speak to leading professionals about the industry and future trends. This means we can bring you the very best products and inside information over the coming months.

At Salon International we were lucky enough to speak to Master Barber Mike Taylor – the Head Educator for the Great British Barbering Academy. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is what is the difference between barbering and hairdressing?

“The best barbers understand hairdressing and the best hairdressers understand barbering,” said Taylor.

“With an influx of new barbers over the last five years, and the trend of men’s hair being for the shorter, sharper looks, it is difficult for young barbers to have the opportunity to learn how to cut longer hairstyles.

“Take Dale Ted Watkins – a barber that’s been at the top of his game for years. He trained at the world renowned Vidal Sassoon and realised early on that he was better at cutting men’s hair; he saw that the market was large enough to make a name for himself.

“However, whenever you watch him work his sections, his posture, even the way he holds himself, it’s all perfect. And that’s what he’s taken from his experiences with hairdressing.”

Taylor has already booked himself onto a Vidal Sassoon’s ABC cutting course and hopes the experience will teach him even more about the industry: “Although I have already trained in ladies hairdressing, I always like to push myself and learn something new. A lot of the skills that I picked up from hairdressing have helped me become a better barber.”

Mike told us that everyone will discover their niche over time. Whether it is barbering, colouring, ladies hairdressing – it is important to have as broad a knowledge as possible.

“Fashion and trends change” he said, “and whatever the hype is this week, it might change next week. Being confident in your skills and being ahead of the curve will always enable you to be ahead of the game.”


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