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Bluebeards Ambassador Round-Up!

Barber-grade performance isn’t just some marketing ploy here at The Bluebeards Revenge. Our brand and products are genuinely endorsed by barbers around the world and we’re proud to call a small group of them our ambassadors.

From guiding us with their opinions, knowledge and skills in the world of professional hair through to spreading our eco message, our ambassadors are a core part of our brand journey and development here at Bluebeards HQ.

As our loyal customers we figured you’d like to know a little more about who’s helping to shape our future and to know the stories behind the profiles. So, without further ado let’s introduce our three hair hungry Ambassadors to you – meet Ken, Matty & Sid!

Captain Cleancuts!

Lewis Sidney Macintyre – AKA Captain Cleancuts!

Hi, my name is Lewis Sidney Macintyre aka Sid Da Barber.

I’m a hairstylist working out of Cleancuts barbershop in Guildford, Surrey.

I started my career working in a hair salon at the age of 16 learning to cut and colour women and men’s hair, the training allowed me to go on numerous photoshoots and work close to some of the industry’s leading hair professionals.

I love working with longer haircuts and specialise in scissor work, as well as using a blade. I was a finalist in the SMHBA 2022 and the Hair and Beauty awards 2022 and am preparing for the next competition.

Working together Captain Cleancuts and Bluebeards Revenge is going to make a real dent in the hair industry.

My five proudest career achievements;

  1. I’ve been a finalist in multiple competitions.
  2. I love editorial work so getting into the Barber Magazine in the rising star section felt great.
  3. Raised £10,000 for brave the shave and I have another charity event coming up this summer.
  4. Cutting hair live on stage at the Great British Barber Bash and also cutting hair at Barber Connect 2022.
  5. Becoming ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge is personally my biggest highlight as I love the brand and have been watching it progress from the beginning.
The Shaving Supreme

Matty Maxwell – AKA The Shaving Supreme

Hey, I’m Matty from sunny Middlesbrough (aka Smoggy Land).

I’ve had a passion for barbering for a little over 12 years now, I almost got into barbering 12 years ago where I worked in a local barber shop but things didn’t work out. I ended up in a career I didn’t enjoy, Steel Worker working offshore.

I then became a father of two beautiful kids, which put working at home and pursuing a career I enjoy into perspective so I re-visited Barbering. Slowly but surely I have gained the skills to make a career switch into a job that I love and I’ve never looked back since. 

My favourite style to cut is the closed blade modern tapered cut, along with my most enjoyable service to do is “the works – the full service with hot towels and beard tidy tips!”

My five proudest career achievements;

  1. Joining Head Quarters Barbers & Beverages as a Shop manager 
  2. Entering Modern Barber Barber Clash comp and winning my category Beard & Moustache Champion at London Excel in October 2021
  3. Gaining a celebrity client / previous X-Factor winner. 
  4. Promoted to Area Manager for Head Quarters Barbers & Beverages
  5. Becoming an official Ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge
Mullet Master

Ken Hermes – AKA Mullet Master

My name is Ken and I love a mullet!

I’ve been working with The Bluebeards Revenge for a few years now, testing products and providing a shop insight to the brand. It’s a great pleasure to represent a brand that is taking strides to be environmentally friendly and produce amazing products which help me day to day!

From a young age I was interested in hair. I rocked a mullet at age three, a flat top by five and a full-blown Mohawk by 13. I was never afraid to try a new look.

That being said, barbershops weren’t really my thing growing up. I went to a hairdressing salon instead. When I was 16, my hairdresser offered me a job, but at the time I couldn’t think of anything worse. I wanted to be a musician.

A few years later I started to grow a beard and realised that my salon didn’t use traditional shaving methods and I really craved that knowledge. I needed a barber’s advice. I ventured to a different shop for the first time ever and loved the experience. Fast forward a few years and it’s safe to say I made the right decision!  

My five proudest career achievements;

  1. Community hero finalist at the Modern Barber Awards 2022.
  2. My first collections being featured in Modern Barber and Hairdressers Journal.
  3. Working on stage at Salon International 2021 in London.
  4. Being privileged enough to cut half of Ipswiches mullets day to day.
  5. Being able to incorporate mental health conversations in my every day work and help people reach help they may need.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Bluebeards Ambassador? Drop us a message, let’s chat – marketing@bluebeards-revenge.co.uk   


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