Posted by Melanie Kruger on July 23, 2015 Latest News No Comments

As far as manliness goes, we’d say performing nail-biting air displays in a branded Bluebeards stunt plane has got to be up there at the top of the scale.

But Bluebeards stunt pilot and true adrenaline junkie Ben Lovering is stepping things up a notch with his latest venture as he takes to the tarmac in a nail-biting new race dubbed ‘Plane vs Car’.

The race sees Ben teaming up with with friend and colleague Rich Goodwin in a white-knuckle bid to pit car against plane – and see which has got what it takes to come out on the very top.

With Ben climbing into the driving seat of a slick Porsche GT3 and Rich taking the flying controls of his Pitts Special, it’s set to be an unmissable affair for speed junkies, with the guys now in talks to take the race to airs hows up and down the country.

G-Klaw may be taking the side-lines for this particular project, but The Bluebeards Revenge will still be up there in the thick of the action, with the Porsche GT3 branded up to the maximum as Ben takes on his rival.

There are no confirmed dates as yet, but once the green light is given we’ll be letting you know where you can get in on a slice of the action. watch this space.