Posted by Melanie Kruger on May 1, 2015 Inspire to Aspire, Latest News No Comments

The past few months have been something of a whirlwind for up-and-coming British rock band, Iconic Eye. Not only have they scooped the coveted 2014 Band of the Year award from Firebrand Rock Radio, but they have now revealed the remarkable news that they have secured a slot at this summer’s biggest rock festival, Download, alongside the likes of industry big fish Muse, Slipknot, Kiss and Faith No More (and that’s just for starters). It’s becoming clear that these guys are set for big things, but did they see it coming?

Iconic Eye was iniitally formed by guitarist Greg Dean back in July 2014, who was keen to embark upon a studio project in which he hoped to record some of his favourite self-penned songs. He enlisted the help of fellow guitarist Dave Wasson, with Gary Slater on bass and Paul (Emo) Emery on drums. The line-up was completed when Tim Dawkes came on board as permanent vocalist, following the departure of original singer Lee Small part way through recording.

Greg’s songs soon grew into something more than he had originally envisaged, and under the wing of music PR company Skyfire, Interactive, they are now preparing to release sensational debut album, Hidden in Plain Sight, which is out on May 3rd.

Things seem to have happened remarkably quickly for the band, what with a new album, a slot at Download and a Band of the Year win all under their belts within just nine months, and it’s clear that they couldn’t be happier about the swift progress they have made.

Greg said: “These three things happening together couldn’t have been timed better. Winning Band of the Year gave us the sponsored PR to push the album as it fell straight into the timeline, and then we got Download, which is a brilliant opportunity to showcase the album to a massive audience. You couldn’t buy this perfect storm of an opportunity and the band are elated about our future.”

“Performing at Download, the band expect to show what we are all about, to widen our audience and hopefully to make enough of a ripple that it secures us more ‘iconic’ gigs – some in the back end of 2015, but mainly in 2016. And we are also expecting to have a brilliant time and savour every second of being on stage at DOWNLOAD!!!”