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This Saturday is World Beard Day, a day of celebration for all those across the globe who dare to sport on-trend facial fuzz of any size, shape or form. Whether designer stubble is your bag or you’re a goatee kind of guy, September 5th is for you, and we strongly suggest that you take advantage of this very special occasion for all it’s worth.

Why? Because according to, on the first Saturday of September, every single year, it is customary for bearded family members to sit back, relax, and be waited on hand and foot by those less fortunate in the chin fluff department. Sounds pretty good to us (if a little unrealistic…)

World Beard Day is all about promoting and elevating the global status of the beard, and while various countries will be celebrating with customs specific to their own region, all are in agreement on one thing: shaving on World Beard Day is universally considered to be highly disrespectful – so put down that razor, and embrace what nature gave you this weekend!

To mark the big occasion, it’s time to get your offering in tip top condition so that you can show it off to the best of its advantage, so whether you’ve got just a few days’ fuzz to work with or a veteran at the beard game, we’ve got some tips to ensure that yours is one to be proud of.


The Bluebeards Revenge: Beard grooming at Sandyman Chopshop


While the beard trend remains strong, it’s worthy of note that scraggy and unkempt types are not the look du jour. By all means, go long if you like – but within reason, of course, and keep it neat and tidy. Trimming your beard couldn’t be easier – simply hold a pair of scissors horizontally and carefully cut to your desired length.


Full beards have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years, but growth on your upper cheeks and down your neck still needs to be kept in check. The best way to do this is to carefully shave the areas with a cut-throat razor and good-quality shaving cream – but don’t forget to prepare skin first with a good dose of Pre-Shave Oil in order to enhance razor glide and minimise irritation. Take the opportunity to neaten up the edges of your beard while you’re at it.


So you wash the hair on your head every day, but leave your beard to do its thing? Just no. You should be shampooing once to twice a week to clear debris and oil from hairs and keep it smelling fresh. Don’t forget, it’s in close vicinity to your mouth and nose, so hygiene is key!


A good-quality beard oil is the bearded man’s best friend. Not only will it soften and condition the hairs themselves, but it will also ensure that the skin underneath is nourished and moisturised . Why should you care when it’s hidden away, we hear you ask? Because healthy skin makes for healthy hair growth, and – you’ve guessed it – a better beard altogether.

A couple of drops of The Bluebeards Revenge’s Cuban Blend Beard oil massaged into skin and smoothed downwards through beard hair to shape is enough to do the trick.


Finally, you’ll need to make sure that you beard is groomed to perfection, so invest in a beard comb today if you haven’t already. Ideally, you should comb through hairs several times a week. Finish with an extra drop of beard oil to smooth if necessary.

Job done! Happy World Beard Day to all our bearded customers – and good luck getting the family to rally round you for the day!