Posted by Melanie Kruger on November 4, 2015 Latest News No Comments

For too long, the assumption has been that real men don’t ‘do’ interior design – much less, bathroom interior design. Well, our aim is to smash that misconception, and our grandiosely named competition is set to do just that. Presenting, the Beards ‘n’ Barnet’s Bluebeards Revenge Big Bathroom Shop Competition.

Or just #beardsnbarnets. Whatever works.

In partnership with our favourite online bathroom retailer, Big Bathroom Shop, we’re giving away up to £500 in prizes. Prizes so good that you could literally shave with them. And watch yourself doing it!

Because, along with a year’s supply of the finest male grooming products from The Bluebeards Revenge, entrants will have a chance to nab themselves the ultimate in back lit, de-mist, infrared sensor controlled bathroom based looking-in technology.

Or, put simply, a really cool mirror that’s worth a few quid.

And when you think about it, the whole thing makes perfect sense. It’s time to seize the initiative here. We all remember when the bathroom was mum territory, right? When pink and pastels prevailed; when doilies were everywhere and toilet paper was hidden inside things knitted by your grandmother?

Then, as time moved on and interior design became all the rage, the humble bathroom was annexed by our partners. Real men didn’t do design, it was said.

Well, no more, say we! The times they are-a-changin’, friends. Real men now do design. Hell yes. And we do it in style.

How else could we be expected to manage our #beardsnbarnets, without some kind of dedicated space? And in that dedicated space there must be clean lines and cold, hard surfaces (though possibly with under floor heating).

We’re talking black marble and harsh chrome. We’re talking Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, Android and Apple. We’re talking about the kind of bathroom that would make Patrick Bateman feel like an amateur. It’s a call to arms, brothers – or a call to balms at least!

So, while we still expect our fans to be right at home shaving outdoors during a blizzard on a wild camp in the Scottish Highlands wearing flip flops and a t-shirt; real men should be equally at home in a high end bathroom, designed and installed by themselves.

Or a plumber. With a beard, preferably.

Point is, the bathroom has moved on. No longer a place where Yankee Candles fight for space on every available surface, jostling for position with bowls of sweet smelling bits of wood and soggy rose petals. No longer a place for taking long soaks to cheesy chick flick soundtracks while trying not to get the kindle wet.

Just as shaving and grooming has moved on, so has the bathroom. It’s our time now!

So, don’t waste another moment. Head on over to our #beardsnbarnets competition page, where entering is easy as leaving the seat up.

And remember, it’s your bathroom too.