a man wears tne new t-shirt design by the bluebeards revenge

Check out our latest men’s t-shirt design

When we updated the look and feel of our classic men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt last year, you all went nuts for them – they sold like hot cakes, or toilet rolls during a global pandemic!

On the back of such a positive response, we’ve been hard at work creating a brand-new design for you all to enjoy and collect in early 2020. Today, we’re excited to say that our new design is officially live! Here’s the low down…

The New Design

Our latest design combines intricate flash art tattoos with an electrifying image that’s sure to amplify any style.

The design is emblazoned with an electric eel, surrounded by bolts of high-voltage energy that could stun even the toughest sailor. This savage sea creature is pictured mid-constriction, wrapped around a heavily forged anchor that bares the mark of The Bluebeards Revenge.

Running along the eel’s snaking body are a plethora of flash art illustrations that pay homage to classic tattoo concepts. All of these intricate artworks are meticulously hand-drawn in-house by our Head of Design, Alex Rogers. Together, these hidden details allow your eyes to find something new and interesting with every glance.

Made with quality in mind

When you wear one of our men’s T-Shirts, we want you to feel comfortable; so comfortable that you forget you’re even sporting one!

Made from 100% cotton, our mid-weight navy blue crew necks are rigorously tested to ensure their quality. In the interest of creating apparel that we can trust, each tee is also independently printed by hand in the South West of England, by a company we hold in high praise. In fact, they’re just 20-minutes from Bluebeards HQ. How’s that for supporting local business?!

Limited Edition

Over the last 12 months, we’ve made it our mission to keep reinventing the artwork on our iconic men’s T-Shirts. Why? Because we want our comfy Crew Necks to be collectible, rare and cool to the core. We want them to feel special for you, our fans.

The goal is not for the entire world to wear a Bluebeards’ Tee. No, the goal is for these tees to be so rare that they’re talked about only in whispers – with tales of sightings being shared only among those that are in the know.

For this reason, each print is only available for a limited amount of time. And when they’re gone, they’re gone! So, if you want to add one to your collection, you’d best be quick – grab your Limited-Edition T-Shirt today for just £14.99, while stocks last!


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