Choosing the right beard type for your face shape

Growing a beard might seem like a throw-away decision, but before you lock away the razor and shaving cream and jump in, there are a few things that you’d do well to know first.

The shape of your face could have a stronger influence than you think on whether or not you can pull off your new piece of facial fuzz. Despite what you might like to believe, one size does not fit all, so it’s worth doing your homework to avoid making a facial hair faux-pas.

Too much like hard work? Worry not. We’ve rounded up all you need to know on the matter to make your life easier, because we’re good to you like that. As for figuring out your own face shape, however, you’re on your own.

The Bluebeards Revenge Classic and Cuban Beard Oil
The Bluebeards Revenge Classic and Cuban Beard Oil


A square jawline is considered the most masculine type to have, and it’s often worth emphasising rather than hiding. You can go for any type of beard, including a full one, but keep the edges squared-off so as not to lose your natural shape. A goatee will also flatter. If you dislike your face shape, then keep hair fuller on the chin, and shorter at the sides in order to slim the face.


Avoid anything too angular, as this is a face shape with strong lines in itself. Longer faces are best suited to short-trimmed beards, as this enables them to avoid elongating the face even further.


A neatly trimmed beard and hard lines along the cheekbones are your best bets.This style will slim the face, while squaring off slightly at the neckline gives the illusion of a more oval face shape


An oval face is by far the most versatile, with almost any beard style becoming fair game. It is one of the most symmetrical face types, which means there is no need to try and disguise any of your features. Experiment and see what you prefer – neatly-trimmed goatee, heavy scruff, or a stubbly 5 o’clock shadow will all flatter.


The smaller-faced gent would do well to avoid a beard. We hate to be a kill-joy, but if it’s a real concern of yours then you won’t want to diminish it any further. In particular, avoid full, heavy beards. You don’t have to miss out on all the fun of facial hair, though – why not opt for a small moustache instead?


Faces that are on the larger side can afford to go big with beards. Choose a full beard, and keep it trimmed so as to avoid any unnecessary elongation – your face is big enough already and you won’t benefit from the extra length.

Prominent chin

A full, traditional beard works well to balance a prominent chin – keep it thicker at the sides to create the illusion of added width.

No chin

To give the appearance of a stronger jawline and more pronounced chin, opt for a full beard that is shaped at the sides. Added will also help to create the illusion of the desired shape.


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