Clean-shaven men have better job prospects, says report

Reports out this morning are suggesting that the financial crisis is taking its toll on the men’s grooming industry, with the ‘alpha male’ making a comeback.

According to a new study, British men are switching away from the silky smooth look to the bearded and messy look during the economic downturn.

Looking good!
Looking good!

Market analysts Kantar Worldpanel say rising prices, as well as the economic slump, is a key factor for this change in male attitudes.

However, for men still wanting too look dapper and clean-shaven but don’t want to pay the earth for some super expensive, designer label concoction more akin to face cream than a shaving preparation for ‘real men’, then there is a solution, and it’s called The Bluebeards Revenge.

And the reason for this is simply, its called Decelerine, a unique ingredient exclusive to our shaving cream and post-shave balm that can actually reduce and slowdown beard growth. This means you have to shave less, which in turn means more cash in your pocket.

A study published earlier this year found that well-groomed guys have much better job prospects as well. 90 per cent of HR professionals said being well groomed is more important than a firm handshake when it comes time for a job interview.

American research carried out at the end of 2010 also suggests that men who shave regularly have twice as much sex as those that don’t.

This study found that men who shave at least five times a week are having sex 15.5 times per month, compared to 7.8 times for unshaven men.

So men, abandon the scruffy, unshaven look and quick as it would appear that keeping yourself clean-shaven is the key to a successful career and love life.


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