Posted by Melanie Kruger on May 16, 2014 Latest News No Comments

Men, we’re onto you.

It’s no real secret that in this day and age, blokes want to look their best, with many now integrating a comprehensive grooming routine into their day to day lives.

But regardless of the meticulous shaving, styling spraying and suchlike that goes into looking sharp, behind closed doors, most are harbouring some dirty little secrets.

No, we’re not taking about that magazine stash under your bed, but rather, the filthy grooming habits you just can’t seem to shake.

Ask any woman, and she’ll readily point them out in disgust. But men, it seems, are oblivious, these rituals so heavily ingrained into them from an early age that they now come as naturally as breathing.

It’s time to man up and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, gents, or before you know it, that lovely lady of yours will be running for the hills. And speaking of mirrors, perhaps give it a wipe-down while you’re there – squeezing your spots in front of it certainly won’t score you any man points!

Take, for example, men’s favourite pass time while watching TV. Nope, not shouting at the football ref through a mouthful of crisps, but rather, your penchant for picking your toenails. Leaving them in a neat pile on the sofa arm doesn’t make it ok, and allowing them to flick around the room willy nilly as you go at them with a pair of clippers is neither big nor clever. Onto the floor they go, into the fire…and should they land in her cup of tea then you’re really in trouble. You’d better wise up, or she’ll be coming at you with those clippers, and it won’t be your nails she’s after.

And speaking of flicking unsavoury things about the place, let’s not even get started on nose picking. It might seem like a good idea to dispose of your unwanted refuse on the side of the sofa when no one is looking, but one day your collection is going to become all too apparent. Invest in a box of tissues, and swerve a severe berating from your lady friend.

Failing to maintain a clean-shaven mug is another one – there’s no telling what horrors could be lurking within your facial forest. But leaving a tidemark of hairs around the basin when you eventually do reach for the razor is treading on thin ice. It doesn’t take a moment to give it a quick wipe down.

Farting, burping, scratching and peeing on the toilet seat. We could go on. But trust us, maintaining an air of mystery about you instead of readily revealing all your flaws to her will serve you well in more ways than one!