Experiencing Beard Boredness; Why not give a Moustache a go?

Experiencing Beard Boredness; Why not give a Moustache a go?

Are you bored of your beard but can’t fully commit to being clean shaven? Have you ever thought about rocking a moustache? The moustache has grown in popularity over the years, now wearing a moustache can be a fashion statement that reflects a man that isn’t afraid to experiment with his own unique and personal style.

Experiencing Beard Boredness – trust us it’s actually a thing! You’ve spent all this time growing and maintaining the perfect beard then BOOM! All of a sudden you may start to feel a little bit bored towards the large amount of hair on your face. Fear not, all may not be lost.

With different ways to wear your moustache, we’ve put together three moustache styles that you can try and bring back the love for your facial fluff!

The Chevron

Probably the most classic when it comes to moustache styles, the key to creating a Chevron Moustache is precision and neatness. A Chevron moustache accompanied by stray and unruly hair is going to look nothing short of a scruffy mess, and not in a good way.

In order to maintain the super slick look of the chevron and highlight that blunt, block shape, trim your moustache closely with our pocket-sized Scissors and slick with a few drops of Beard Oil to ensure all hairs stay exactly where they should.

The Handlebar

This style is not only pretty sharp but it’s also great for anyone that struggles to grow thicker hair above the lip, as it can be styled out by thickness at the sides. Originally named for its resemblance to handlebars on a bicycle, the handlebar moustache is now a quirky style that can be easily maintained with the correct products.

Due to its signature shape, maintaining a handlebar moustache requires a strong hold product like our Mo’Wax, to ensure that the shape remains as intended throughout the day.

The Gunslinger

Looking for more of a challenge, then the Gunslinger is the look for you. This moustache combines the classic mutton chops beard style with the upside-down horseshoe moustache. By throwing the two beard and moustache styles together, you’ll be rocking a very suave look.

To ensure your Gunslinger moustache stays as slick and as clean as possible, you’ll need to get your hands on our Brushless Shaving Solution and Cut-throat Razor to achieve those defined lines. It’s also well worth investing in our Post-Shave Balm, providing hydration and long-lasting relief from razor burn to use after every shave.

Whatever you decide to do – stick with your beard, moustache, or even go clean-shaven, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full range of products today!


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