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Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Dad

We’ve compiled the best men’s grooming and styling gift ideas for Dads! Find the perfect gift for your Dad with our Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide. Plus, save 20% on all gift sets this Father’s Day when you enter the code FDAY20 at checkout.*

This Father’s Day might be a little different to previous years, but that doesn’t mean it should be any less special. For many of us, lockdown means not sharing a hug or a beer with the Old Man. But as sons and daughters, it’s our duty to make sure we do our upmost to show our father figures we care.

A card in the post is a great place to start. And now, more than ever, a phone call or FaceTime is priceless. But what comes next? This year, we’d recommend a men’s grooming and styling gift set that can be delivered straight to his door!

We’ve got something to suit every budget and need. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our top gift ideas for Father’s Day 2020!

Under A Fiver

Most Dads just want to see that some thought’s gone into their gift – price isn’t important. If you’re shopping for Dad on a budget, then we have a great selection of gifts for under £5.00. These quick and easy gift ideas for Dad are ideal for showing you care, without breaking the bank.

Roll-On Eco-Warrior Deodorant – £3.00

men's aluminium free scented antiperspirant deodorant roll-on by the bluebeards revenge

Our quick and easy Roll-On Eco-Warrior Deodorant is the ideal gift for Dads that live a fast and active lifestyle. Its compact design means it can be easily slipped into gym bags or ruck sacks, making it perfect for perspiration relief on the move. Better yet, this sweat-conquering deodorant is aluminium free and features our long-lasting fresh and masculine Original scent. Even Dad’s pits won’t be a match for it!

Hand & Body Soap Bars – £4.99 Each

vegan friendly SLS free hand and body soap bars by the bluebeards revenge

Hand and body soap bars have enjoyed a real renaissance in recent years. Why? Because of their eco credentials and retro feel, of course! They also make great small gifts, which is why we have three colourful scented bars in our range: Original Blue, Classic Ice and Cuban Gold.

All of our hand and body soap bars are vegan friendly and SLS free, meaning you can shop with the confidence that they’re just as friendly to animals as they are to skin. No matter which one you choose for Dad, he’ll smell fresher than ever!

Skull Socks – £4.99

100% cotton striped blue and black skull and crossbones men's socks by the bluebeards revenge

Ah, socks – the most iconic gift for a man! No matter what he says, Dad’s a big fan of getting socks on Father’s Day. Or on any occasion, for that matter. You see, the beauty of being gifted socks is that you don’t have to go shopping for them yourself. After all, sock shopping is the most tedious shopping of all…

Our super soft cotton Skull Socks are the epitome of smart-casual. With their blue and black striped design, they’ll look just as good in the office as they will plodding around the house. Our socks are designed to fit UK sizes 6-11.

Classic Skull Patch – £4.99

cotton iron on sew on skull and crossbones patch attached to a retro denim jacket by the bluebeards revenge

Does your Dad like to stand out from the crowd? Then perhaps he’d appreciate adding a new patch to the impressive collection he’s already amassed on his weathered denim jacket! Our Classic Skull Patch features a hand-drawn skull and crossbones illustration that’s sure to get him noticed. It can be easily sewn or ironed on to jackets, bags, caps and anything else he can think of.

Under £15.00

We’ve got a great selection of high-quality men’s grooming products for Dads that take their style and skincare a little more seriously than bars of soap. If he’s already familiar with the basics, Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to introduce him to something new. Whether it’s a Cut-Throat Razor or a bottle of Sea Salt Spray, he’ll thank you for the introduction for years to come!

Classic Blend Moustache Wax – £6.99

tin of moustache styling wax by the bluebeards revenge

If your Dad’s in the cool category and can pull off a moustache without looking seedy, then he’ll definitely enjoy a tin of our Classic Blend Moustache Wax. It’s designed with a flexible hold to confidently control any of Dad’s whacky styles. The natural properties of beeswax will also help him to lock in essential nourishment with every application. All of this greatness is blended with our Classic scent to provide a sweet barbershop finish. This small tin boasts big potential, trust us.

Cut-Throat Razor – £9.99

Give Dad the gift of a traditional wet shave with our affordable Cut-Throat Razor. This modern adaptation of the traditional straight razor fits replaceable razor blades, which means Dad doesn’t need to worry about honing or stropping the blade. Instead, he can simply snap and insert a Double-Edge Razor Blade and enjoy a barbershop shave every day.

Brushless Shaving Solution – £9.99

We created our Shaving Solution by combining a shaving cream with a shaving gel. The result? A quick, easy and mess-free shave that’s perfect for Father’s Day! This simple shaving product is ideal when time is of the essence, but standards must be maintained. It doesn’t require a shaving brush or bowl – just a quick lather between the hands!

Sea Salt Spray – £9.99

sea salt hairstyling spray for men by the bluebeards revenge

If your Dad still has hair, then he should be celebrating with a bottle of Sea Salt Spray! This simple styling spray has been specially formulated to add natural texture, wave and a matt hold to flat hairstyles. It combines sea salt crystals with our Classic barbershop scent to produce a mineral-rich mist that’s great for adding volume to all hair types.

Pomade – £9.99

the ultimate water based pomade for men's hair from the bluebeards revenge

A classic Dad needs a classic hairstyle. Thankfully, our water-based Pomade is just the ticket! This suave styling product is perfect for creating high-shine slick backs, pompadours and even punky spikes from the ‘80s. With a vibrant, blood orange colour and our long-lasting Classic scent, it’ll keep Dad’s hair looking, smelling and feeling fantastic.

Crew Neck T-Shirt – £14.99

We bet there are clothes in your Dad’s wardrobe that are older than you. Maybe a faded and torn tee that he wears to mow the lawn, or a sport’s strip from ‘the golden era’ of his favourite club. No matter what it is, it’s time to update Dad’s wardrobe with our iconic Crew Neck T-Shirt.

Made from 100% cotton, our navy-blue tee features our iconic skull and crossbones logo on and a unique hand-drawn flash art design. Each tee is in independently printed by hand in the South West of England, helping to support local businesses in our area.

Trucker Cap – £14.99

Whether it’s for outdoor adventures or to cover that ever-growing bald spot, our vintage Trucker Cap is a great gift for Father’s Day! Our take on this classic American accessory features a reinforced cotton front panel and a traditional mesh back. The front panel is emblazoned with a hand-drawn skull and crossbones patch that glints with intricate silver designs.

Under £35.00

Choosing any of the products we’ve mentioned above will definitely put you in Dad’s good books. But for those that want to treat him to something a little extra, we have an awesome selection of men’s grooming gift sets and special occasion products!

Our two-piece gift sets pair together some of our best-selling shave, beard and hair essentials, creating a collection of winning combos that any Dad will enjoy. Alternatively, one of our premium Double-Edge Safety Razors or Eau De Toilettes are sure to put a smile on the Old Man’s face.

Shaving Cream & Post-Shave Balm Kit – £18.99

shaving cream and post-shave balm kit by the bluebeards revenge

We have the perfect gift set for Dads that respect and enjoy the art of traditional wet shaving. Our Shaving Cream & Post-Shave Balm Kit promises to produce the richest, smoothest shaving lather he’s ever seen. This vegan friendly duo will allow him to rediscover the art of a traditional wet shave, while soothing his skin from razor rash and irritation.

Beard Grooming Kit – £18.99

wooden travel beard brush and classic blend beard oil by the bluebeards revenge

Your Dad’s facial hair has likely taken a turn for the worse during lockdown! If his whiskers now resemble that of a mountain man, then our Beard Grooming Kit is here to save the day.

This essential beard styling kit combines our best-selling Travel Beard Brush with our nourishing Classic Blend Beard Oil. Together, these beard-conquering products will help to untangle knots, soften facial hair and rehydrate tired skin.

Tame & Texture Hair Kit – £18.99

Matt Paste and matt clay hairstyling products by the bluebeards revenge

For many Dads, hairstyling stops at tubs of supermarket hair gel. But there’s so much more out there to be enjoyed! This Father’s Day, we invite you to broaden Dad’s horizon by introducing him to two award-winning products from our hairstyling range!

Our Tame & Texture Hair Kit was designed to combine versatility with ruggedness. It features our flexible Matt Paste, which can be used to create softer natural styles with a light-medium hold, as well as our Matt Clay, which is perfect for packing rugged texture and volume into any matt style. Both of these products are easy to use and long-lasting, meaning your Dad can stay stylish no matter what life throws at him.

Vanguard Shaving Brush & Drip Stand – £21.99

If Dad’s already rehearsed in the art of wet shaving, then topping up his stash of creams and balms might not be necessary. If that’s the case, we’d suggest gifting him our Vanguard Shaving Brush & Drip Stand Set.

Our Vanguard Shaving Brush can easily whip up a shaving lather that’s worthy of Britain’s best barbershops. It features animal-free synthetic bristles, making it perfect for vegans too. When presented in our sturdy Acrylic Drip Stand, it’ll act as a real centre piece for Dad’s shaving collection.

Eau De Toilette for Men – £29.99 each

Here’s a trio of fantastic fragrances that are brand new to our range this year, and perfect for Father’s Day! Featuring three signature scents, our Original, Classic and Cuban Blend Eau De Toilettes are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional wet shave. They’re also outstanding when used on their own as everyday fragrances.

Each scent has been specially designed to offer something truly unique, meaning there’s plenty of variety to choose from. Our Original scent opens with citrusy notes that melt down into a blend of water mint, vanilla and sandalwood. Our Classic scent fuses together zesty lime, lavender, and a warm mix of patchouli, amber and musk. Finally, our Cuban scent expels an explosion of rich, woody aromas and exotic spices, including vetiver grass and the musky sweetness of cedarwood and amber.

Double-Edge Safety Razor – £34.99 each

When it comes to wet shaving, any Dad will struggle to find a smoother experience than that of a Double-Edge Safety Razor. These traditional razors are renowned for the durability and quality of their build, as well as the closeness of their shave. Better yet, we have two cracking styles for you to choose from!

For Dads that appreciate minimalism and class, we have our Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor. It’s finished in a timeless chrome-plating, features our iconic skull and crossbones logo and is perfectly weighted from brass body to zinc alloy head.

For Dads that are looking for something a little more rugged, we have our Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor. Finished in a gleaming gunmetal grey, this single-blade beast shows off our iconic skull and crossbones logo, as well as a robust knurling on the handle.

Both of these exquisite razors are free from plastic and built to stand the test of time. In comparison to cartridge razors, they’re also much more affordable to maintain and provide a much smoother shave. Plus, they look cooler; win-win!

Something for the big spenders

Are you still not impressed by our Father’s Day offering?! Wow, you really do want to flash the cash and go big this Father’s Day! In that case, we’ve got one more ace up our sleeve…

Broadsword Straight Razor – £99.99

Our Broadsword Straight Razor will bring a whole new level of precision to your Dad’s shaving routine. It travels back in time, to a historic period when traditional wet shaving was enjoyed mainly in barbershops, and by those that had an eye for detail and a steady hand at home.

Featuring a lightweight handle and a 5/8 (five eights of an inch) carbon steel blade with a round point, this unique razor is a great introduction to the true world of traditional wet shaving. Like all great tools, in requires real attention and will need regular honing and stropping. To shave with our Broadsword Straight Razor is to adopt a new way of life. Created in collaboration with German master craftsman and razor aficionado Ralf Aust, it’s sure to impress come June 21.

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Enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day!

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