Posted by Melanie Kruger on April 7, 2014 Grooming Tips, Latest News No Comments

The sun is beginning to show it’s face more regularly, and the evenings are getting longer and lighter. With festival season now just around the corner, those hours of frustration spent refreshing and re-refreshing the Glastonbury/
V Festival/Wireless web page in a desperate bid to get your hands on a pair of tickets will soon be coming to fruition.

Watching Kasabian in your sunglasses with a pint of cider is no longer a distant dream, but when it comes to trying to fit your life into a backpack for four days and finding that your beer stash takes up all the room, a capsule grooming kit is your only option.

Yes, you’ll potentially be spending the week knee-deep in mud, but there are still some ways to avoid looking and smelling as bad as the Port-a-loos without sacrificing that all-important booze.

If you’re a real-life “bluebeard”, then preparation is key. Starting to use The Bluebeards Revenge range – which contains magic ingredient Decelerine – well in advance will help to diminish the reappearance of beard regrowth, so you won’t be left sporting a full-on facial forest by day two.

With limited access to running water and soap, a hand-sanitizing gel is absolutely essential, and will stop the spread of the nasty germs that could ruin your weekend. Take into account the questionable toilet etiquette that tends to occur at festivals, and really this goes without saying. And speaking of basic hygiene, don’t forget the extra toilet roll, either.

The only way you’re going to get a shower at a festival is if you stand out in the rain with your shampoo, so take along a can of the dry variety to help soak up excess oil and kick that musty smell into touch. Baby wipes are useful for giving yourself a bit of a clean too, although if it’s possible, we’d definitely advise waking up that bit earlier in the morning to beat the shower queues. Monster hangover or not, you’ll be thanking yourself for the rest of the day.

Packing light is key when it comes to festival grooming, and luckily The Bluebeards Revenge has released a selection of our products in sachet form just in time. Our Cooling Moisturiser is an absolute must, putting paid to the dullness and dehydration caused by too many dirty pints in the dance tent the night before. For the dedicated among you who will be bringing your shaving equipment along, you can also get your hands on our Luxury Shaving Cream, Brushless Shaving Solution and Post-Shave Balm in this handy size. Just enough for a single use – and they won’t take up valuable space, either.

You’re going to need some help when it comes to smelling your best and preventing unsightly sweat patches, especially when you’re swept into the crowd while watching your favourite band. If you’ve ever had your face squashed into somebody else’s armpit when chaos ensues at a gig, you’ll know what horror this brings, so take our Eco Warrior Deodorant along for the ride. All natural, eco-friendly and laced with our classic scent, this one fits in perfectly with the festival vibe, and will keep you smelling fresh with a completely clear conscience.