First Date Grooming Tips

You’ve finally got a date with that girl you’ve had your eye on at the gym, but instead of walking around with a smug look on your face, you’re frantically trying to plan the perfect night… and getting nowhere fast. Time to stop worrying about the date itself: as long as you make sure you look and feel your best, the rest will fall into place.

You can sneakily check your own reflection in the back of a spoon over dinner, but it’s doubtful she’ll be wanting to see herself in that pool of oil on your forehead. To avoid any greasy mishaps, wash your face with a gentle, SLS-free gel cleanser, which will remove any excess sebum without stripping your skin of moisture. Finish with a mattifying moisturiser to keep things in check for the rest of the evening.

It’s one of those things that will often go unchecked in your daily grooming routine, but just because you haven’t noticed those straggly ear and nose hairs, it doesn’t mean she won’t. Use a good quality hair trimmer to tame any strays and avoid attracting the wrong kind of stares.

Showering, we would have thought, is a bit of a no-brainer, but it always pays to go for a soap or shower gel that has a bit of extra masculine charm. The Bluebeards Revenge Concentrated Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner will not only have your date for the evening edging a bit closer, but the other females in the room, too. Perhaps not the best recipe for a good date, you might think, but a few admiring glances from the competition will make you all the more desirable to the object of your affections.

Looking pale and ghostly after the winter months is a common woe for most, but before you go reaching for the industrial-strength fake tan, remember that the David Dickinson look is considerably worse. Streaky palms are a no-no too, so exfoliate thoroughly first and go for a light, no-streak formula and apply carefully with a tanning mitt. The result? A subtle, natural and healthy-looking tan. Nobody even has to know it’s not real.

And lastly, we know we’re always telling you to have a good shave, but on no occasion is it more important than on that of the first date. Lather up with The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream, working it in with a Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush, and go in with the “Scimitar” Double Edge Razor for the smoothest shave of your life. Finish off with our Post-Shave Balm for soft, touchable skin, without an ingrowing hair or a trace of razor burn in sight. Treating yourself to an indulgent selection of grooming products before the big night will have you feeling and looking your best, and without the risk of stubble rash she’ll be happier to get up close and personal.


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