Five ways to encourage beard growth

The beard trend is still going strong, but sadly for some men, not all are follically blessed. Worry not though, as even members of the bum fluff brigade can get a bit of a helping hand in the facial fuzz department. If you’ve been trying your hardest to sprout some fur and are running decidedly low on patience, then listen up – there are several things you can do to help speed up the process.

Eat right
Self-care starts from within, and eating a balanced diet will make sure you’re getting a good supply of all the vitamins and minerals you need to encourage optimal hair growth. Vitamins A, C and E will all contribute, and can be found in the likes of sweet potatoes, oranges and spinach respectively, while B3 and B7 are also important (avocadoes are a good source). If ever you needed an excuse to fill that plate up a little bit more, then this is it.

Supplement your diet
For added help in the diet department, biotin is a good choice of supplement, and will improve the keratin infrastructure needed for healthy hair, skin and nails. Be warned, however – as well as stimulating hair growth on the chin, you may also find that it does the same elsewhere on your body!


Stop smoking
If lighting up is your favourite pastime then this probably won’t be music to your ears – but quitting smoking for good is also key to sprouting a thick and healthy beard. The free radicals and toxins contained in cigarette smoke are damaging to both skin and hair – and as if that wasn’t enough, they can also have an effect on pigment, meaning any hair you do grow could turn grey before its time. Yep, that’s right – the old salt and pepper beard may not just be down to genes after all.

Oil up
Finally, invest in a good beard oil to get things going. Whether you’re stuck at ground zero or have already begun to sprout a thin or patchy excuse for facial hair, massaging a few drops of specially-formulated oil into the hairs and skin beneath could work wonders. For healthy hair growth, its vital that skin is hydrated and well-nourished, so doing this a few times a week is well worthwhile. Not only that, but it’ll ensure that your beard looks healthy and full of vitality once it does make a full appearance.


If all else fails? Exercise a bit of patience. Beards can take weeks – even months – to reach the desired length and density, and everyone is different – so don’t give up if yours doesn’t appear overnight just because a colleague’s does.

All of that said, beards are not for everyone, and 2016 heralds the dawn of a new era when it comes to facial hair. If a full beard is just not happening for you, then give stubble, sideburns or a good old mo’ a go. Trust us – you’ll be ahead of the pack when peak beard is FINALLY reached.


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