The Bluebeards Revenge new range of 1L Body Wash Refill Pouches.

Our Body Wash Refill Pouches have landed!

Do you sometimes forget to stock up on your favourite body wash? (Yes… we’re talking about ours of course!) Well, we know there’s nothing worse than being mid-shower and suddenly realising with a quick shake of the bottle that you have the merest of splodges left to shake and squeeze out. 

To save you from the dilemma of having to choose between that emergency smidgen of soap left in the dish or your partners sparkly cherry shower gel, we’ve introduced to our range 1 Litre Body Wash Refill Pouches! Each pouch provides over three full refills for our 300ml Body Wash 100% recycled bottles, so you can get sudsy and stay cleaner for longer.

Our trio of Body Wash Refill Pouches come in our three signature scents: Original, Classic, and Cuban. All three are formulated with a splash of marula oil which gently helps to cleanse the skin, removing dirt, sweat and excess oil. marula oil is a lightweight oil which absorbs quickly into the skin to replenish moisture that’s lost through sweating and the general slog of daily life, perfectly suited for all skin types. Plus, each body wash is SLS and paraben free!

Using our refill pouches couldn’t be any easier. With the easy to pour spout simply remove the pouch cap and gently squeeze contents into our refillable body wash bottles or you can squeeze straight into your hand. Versatility at its best! Once finished replace cap and store in a cool, dry place between refills.

The Bluebeards Revenge Classic Body Wash Refill Pouch.

Top tip: To make our body wash last even longer, we recommend using a flannel or a loofa. These will help to maximise lather and will also help to exfoliate your skin for a fresh and smooth complexion.

Discover our full range of refill pouches online today!


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