Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day 2019

What to buy Dad for Father’s Day

Oh the joys of Father’s Day: Trying to find a gift for someone that wants nothing, but something, without spending too much, or too little. It’s a nightmare. And it doesn’t get any easier if you ask them for specifics either – “I’m not fussed,” is the usual response.

Thankfully, our distinctive range of barber-grade shave, beard, hair and body products covers “I’m not fussed” and everything in between! Below, we’ve put together some of our greatest sellers and smellers; all in the hope of cheering up your old man come June 16.

Shaving gifts for Dad

Unless he’s rocking a beard, or is incredibly baby-faced, every Dad needs to shave. Shaving can often feel like a laborious task – standing in front of the mirror, scraping stubble into the sink – but it doesn’t have to be. The simple addition of a few barber-grade products can turn any man’s daily shave into an occasion to be celebrated.

Alum Block – £5.99

bluebeards revenge alum block on a barber chair in a barbershop

At some point, every man will cut themselves while shaving. It’s all part of the process and is nothing to be ashamed of. What is shameful, though, is trying to hide these nicks with blotches of bloody bog roll. Thankfully, our traditional shaver’s Alum Block holds the answer. When wetted with clean water, this simple sulphate-based block helps to seal off cuts and cleanse bacteria from freshly shaved skin. Now bog roll can stay where it belongs – in the bog!

Shaving Cream – £9.99


Too many Dads are settling for a less than optimal shave; choosing to slap supermarket foams on their chops, rather than a barber-grade shaving cream. The consequences are dry skin, razor rash and a general sense of disappointment.

To right these wrongs, we created a shaving cream that’s tough on stubble, but soft on skin. Our cream can be whipped into a rich lather with a few flicks of the wrist. Once applied, it will help to rehydrate the face while adding protection from even the sharpest razor blades. Plus, it’s packed full of our Original British barbershop scent, so it smells better than the competition too…

Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush – £9.99


A great shave is in the preparation. To this end, there’s no better way to prepare for a shave than by using a traditional shaving brush. It’s the way our Granddads shaved, and they’re always telling us that they know best. Whipping up a thick lather with our Doubloon Shaving Brush will help to aerate the cream for a finer shaving experience. Applying the lather with our brush will also help to exfoliate the skin, removing trapped dirt and grime. Even better, our synthetic brush is vegan friendly.

Porcelain Shaving Bowl – £29.99

Only a barber-grade shaving bowl can hold a barber-grade lather. Well, that’s not strictly true – technically you could whip up a lather in an old leather shoe, if you really wanted to. But statements like that won’t help us to sell our bowl, will they?

Our traditional Porcelain Shaving Bowl is the perfect companion for a retro shave. It holds enough lather for a full wet shave and is finished with a decorative platinum stripe around the rim. It even doubles nicely as a (small) cereal bowl…

Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor – £34.99

In an age of one-use plastics that are destroying the planet, taking a step back in time and enjoying the superior shave of a double-edge safety razor can only be a good thing; especially considering shaving with just one blade will provide a closer finish too.

Our Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor was engineered for one purpose – to glide through stubborn stubble with ease. For added bling, it’s finished in shiny chrome plating with a laser-etched version of our iconic logo. This razor fits any standard double-edged razor blade, available online or from any good pharmacy.

Claymore Straight Razor – £149.99

Straight razors are the most supreme shaving tool for men. To wield one requires practice, but it’s a skill that’s so worth learning. These precision-engineered instruments feature one fixed blade that can be honed, sharpened and maintained for years. This makes them a great lasting gift for Dad that will only build sentimental value over time.

Our Claymore Straight Razor is the end product of a meticulous 60-step production process that is carried out by hand. Each of these superior razors features a striking African Blackwood handle, with a polished carbon steel blade.

Beard gifts for Dad

We’re sorry to say this, especially when you’re shopping for him, but if your old man’s rocking a beard, there’s a high chance he loves it more than he loves you.

Men are very connected to their beards. So much time and patience goes into growing them, after all. So your only chance of being acknowledged this Father’s Day is if you buy Dad something for his beard – the enemy of my enemy, and all that.

Moustache Wax – £6.99

Moustaches aren’t just for November. With some maintenance and styling, they can (and should!) be worn with pride all year round.

Our Classic Blend Moustache Wax is designed to tame even the wildest upper lips. This malleable product will sculpt, shape and twist facial hair into any moustache style on the planet. Better yet, it’s packed with our Classic scent – very important considering it’ll sit right under Dad’s nose.

Classic and Cuban Beard Oils – £9.99 each

Beard oils are made up of a combination of carrier oils, essential oils and fragrances. Together, these ingredients are designed to nourish, hydrate and maintain facial hair and the skin that lies beneath it. Basically, they’re essential for maintaining a barber-grade beard.

Our Classic and Cuban Blend Beard Oils are packed with essential oils and two distinctive scents. When brushed through a beard from root to tip, they add shine, softness and vital hydration. The Classic Blend offers up a refined barbershop scent, while our Cuban Blend is an all-out explosion of exotic Caribbean aromas. Which will you choose?

Synthetic Travel Beard Brush – £17.99

All beards collect debris and tangle over time – it’s in the terms and conditions when signing up to grow one. But this shouldn’t put men off. Stripping away yesterday’s breakfast is actually pretty easy with a little support from the right tools.

Our Synthetic Travel Beard Brush is a feisty little fellow that fits nicely into most pockets. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its ability to remove everyday beard grime and tangles. Its synthetic bristles are made from innovative cellulose filaments – vegan and vegetarian friendly – while its body is made from responsibly-sourced beech wood.

Hairstyling gifts for Dad

Your Dad’s managed to keep hold of some of his hair, despite having you as his offspring?! In that case, you should definitely be helping him to style and preserve it in any way possible; starting with our barber-grade hair products.

Shampoo and Conditioner – £9.99 each

Finally, men are starting to understand that they should be using shampoo and conditioner. It’s not just for long hair and it’s certainly not just for women!

Our Shampoo is ideal for removing dirt and excess oils from hair. It’ll also work wonders on yesterday’s styling products. Our Conditioner helps to soften and shine hair, while locking in essential nutrients for stronger roots. Both feature our Original British barbershop scent and are SLS and paraben free.

Hair Gel – £9.99

Most men have a relationship with hair gel, especially as it’s often the first product they come across. In fact, you could say that hair gel has an element of nostalgia, especially for Dads.

Our Hair Gel packs a Classic barbershop scent that really plays on this nostalgia. With a light-medium hold, it can effectively style light textured looks and spikes. 50p from every tub sold is also donated to The Lions Barber Collective charity; supporting men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

Matt Paste – £9.99

Men’s hairstyling has come a long way in recent years. Now, men use all sorts of concoctions in their hair. And one of the most recent trends is all about matt products; offering a low shine finish that can be reworked throughout the day.

Our light-hold Matt Paste is a styling must-have. It’s the key to creating looks that can be restyled all day long. For top-notch texture, apply it to damp hair before blow-drying it into shape.

Matt Clay – £9.99

Think of clays as tougher pastes – they offer the same matt finish, but are often a little heavier.

Our Matt Clay will stealthily pack texture into even the limpest hair, without betraying it halfway through the day. It features a medium hold and our Classic scent.

Pomade – £9.99

Pomades go way back. Once upon a time, they were often made from animal fats. But who wants that in their hair? Imagine trying to wash that out! No thanks. For the modern man, there are new recipes with much better results.

Our water-based Pomade guarantees a high-shine finish that lasts all day and night. Bright orange in colour, its medium-strong hold will allow Dad to define styles he’s only ever dreamed of.

Sea Salt Spray – £9.99

Your Dad might not have heard of this one. If he has, give him a pat on the back from us. Just make sure it doesn’t come across as condescending. Sea salt spray is a relatively new phenomenon in men’s hairstyling. It’s existed in salons for years, but never quite made the transition to barbershops, until now…

Our award-winning Sea Salt Spray blasts wavy texture into any hairstyle. It uses salt minerals and our Classic barbershop scent to give hair a medium hold that looks and feels totally natural.

Quiff Roller – £9.99

“A hairstyling product is only as good as the brush that applies it,” said someone famous in the world of barbering. Irrelevant of whether that’s a real quote or not, it’s true. Men should be using professional tools at home to lock down their styles, and a quiff roller is a great place to start.

For bold and gravity-defying styles, look no further than our Quiff Roller. With a responsibly-sourced beech wood body and anti-static blue-tipped bristles, this barber-grade tool promises to deliver stand-up results time after time.

Hairstyling Comb – £3.99

“A hairstyling product is only as good as the comb that applies it,” said the same famous person that talked about brushes above…

We won’t lecture you on this one. Put simply, every man should have a simple styling comb in his drawer. Ours is perfect for keeping styles slick while on the move and offers both tight and wider teeth for barber-grade creativity.

Shower and body gifts for Dad

Dads are always the ones stealing other people’s shower products. It’s like it’s written into the fabrics of their existence. But our range of shower and body products can change this. That’s how irresistible they are.

Soaps – £4.99 each

Our ingot-shaped Hand and Body Soaps have become worldwide successes due to their distinctive shapes and scents. The chunky bars are hand-made here in the UK and are vegan-friendly.

Our Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes packs the same Original British barbershop scent found in our award-winning shaving range.

Our Ice Soap offers the same refined Classic scent found in our barber-grade hairstyling range.

Our Cuban Gold Soap is an all-out explosion of exotic Caribbean-inspired aromas.

Body Wash – £9.99

You could grab Pops a generic body grooming gift set that rhymes with ‘sphinx’. Or you could buy him something daringly different, with a distinctive scent!

Our stimulating Body Wash will add a reviving buzz to any shower. Featuring our long-lasting Original British barbershop scent, it keeps men smelling fresh all day and night.

Face Scrub – £9.99

There’s nothing fetching about an oily face with pores more clogged than a dirty nightclub toilet. When a man’s skin reaches this level of neglect, nothing will get it back in check quite like a heavy-duty face scrub.

Our Face Scrub channels the exfoliating powers of ground olive stones to remove dirt and grime from deep inside the skin’s pores. All of this goodness is suspended in a rich moisturiser that rehydrates the skin, while ginger root extract cleans away bad bacteria that might be lingering.

Cooling Moisturiser – £9.99

Every man should moisturise. It’s that simple. Our Cooling Moisturiser is packed with a whole host of distinctive ingredients to rehydrate and soothe the skin straight after a shave, shower, or long and gruelling day.

Gift sets and cool presents for Dad

Tens of thousands of our products are gifted to men all over the world every year – that’s what happens when you find a way to bottle and pot the British barbershop spirit. This Father’s Day, our aim is to make sure that our most sought after products are available in stylish gift kit displays. Only then can we say that they’re ready for the Dads of the world.

Flannel – £3.99

A decent washcloth should be a stalwart in every man’s grooming arsenal. Our 100% cotton Flannel is super simple and distinctive in design. It’ll help to scrub away dirt and lather up all of Dad’s shower products with ease.

Socks – £4.99

Buying your Dad socks for Father’s Day is perhaps the kindest gift you can give. Just think how many hours he’ll save, now that he doesn’t need to wallow in self-pity as he compares socks and sizes in the shop. With our Socks, he can add a little adventure to his drawer too. They’re emblazoned with our iconic logo, blue and black stripes, and grey toes and heels.

Soap Stack Kit – £13.99

If you’re struggling to choose which of our ingot-shaped soap bars best suits your Dad, why not grab him the full set? Our Soap Stack features all three of our distinctively scented hand and body soaps, packaged in a sturdy gift kit surround.

Travel Wash Bag – £14.99

If your Dad’s a travelling man, then a sturdy wash bag is essential. Without one, he risks being that one person that carries all their toiletries around in a carrier bag. Not a good look.

Our Travel Wash Bag offers TARDIS-like space for all his favourite Bluebeards products. It comes fitted with two inner pockets, a chunky zip, a carry handle, and an exterior pocket for easy access.

Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm Kit – £18.99

Some things are just meant to be together. Our Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm Kit is the essential package for the Dad looking to tackle harsh stubble while avoiding uncomfortable razor rash. These two products are a better match than fish and chips, and we all know how perfect they are.

Beard Grooming Kit – £23.99

Dad’s been growing his beard out for a while now, and it’s starting to look a little scruffy. But he wears it proudly and says it makes him feel great. You can’t take that away from him! Instead, why not give him a gift that will help to maintain his new beard?

Our Beard Grooming Kit promises to transform whiskers into a facial feature to be proud of. It combines our super popular Travel Beard Brush with our award-winning Classic Blend Beard Oil.

Eau de Toilette and Shower Gel Kit – £24.99

Dad’s farts might clear the room, but at least you can make sure the rest of him smells tip-top with our fresh and masculine Eau de Toilette and Shower Gel Kit. For those that don’t enjoy wrapping, this set comes packaged neatly in a gift box too.

Cut-Throat Razor Kit – £34.99

If your Dad is a sucker for traditions and enjoys the thrills and spills of a barbershop shave, then this is the gift for him! It might take a little practice, but once mastered there really is no finer way to shave.

Our Cut-Throat Razor Kit brings together a range of our shaving essentials, including our Cut-Throat Razor, Doubloon Shaving Brush, Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm.

Need more inspiration for Father’s Day? Check out our full product range for more gift ideas for Dad, Granddad, or whoever you thank on Father’s Day!


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