The Bluebeards Revenge on going vegan!

Going Vegan? We’ve Got Your Back!

As a leading grooming brand, we value each and every one of our customers regardless of their lifestyle or ethical choices. It is important to us that everyone who supports The Bluebeard’s Revenge is able to do so without compromising their own standards and beliefs.

Veganism is on the up with more and more people adopting it as a way of life. Over the last year or so we conducted an in-depth study on all of our products to ensure that we aligned ourselves with the needs of our loyal customers who have chosen to be vegan. Overall not too tricky as most of products were already vegan friendly so we only ended up tinkering with a few in order to be able to declare the brand truly vegan compliant while retaining our own standards.

The process started with our Beard and Fade Brushes then moved onto our iconic Shaving Brushes. Our Beard Brush is now as strong as ever with its synthetic cellulosic fibre bristles and our Fade Brush is still rocking the perfect fade with its BioniFil nylon bristles. Both Shaving Brushes now contain synthetic bristles so whipping up lather is still totally effortless.

Unlike the brushes our Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash ingredients weren’t simply swapped for a vegan alternative as the formula as a whole was completely re-worked. But the resulting version is as good as ever. We then turned our attention to Moustache Wax which was originally made with Bee’s Wax so we needed to find a vegan-friendly ingredient that would retain its flexible but strong hold. Wait for it… Soya Bean Oil to the rescue! Soya Bean Oil gave us the exact hold and consistency we needed to keep our Moustache Wax the best around!

Finally our Matt Clay hair product was reformulated to remove the traditional Bees Wax ingredient which was also replaced with Hydrogenated Soya Bean Oil; with this new version rolling off the production line as I write.

With all existing products now fully aligned with the vegan philosophy, we have also committed the brand to ensuring that all future product development maintains this policy while ensuring product quality.

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