Groom like Bond: The 007 guide to looking and smelling impeccable

If anyone has got it nailed in the style stakes, it’s James Bond. Renowned for his impeccably-groomed image as much as for his daring exploits, 007 is rarely seen with a hair out of place, and the dreaded 5 o’clock shadow doesn’t even come into the equation. His undeniable charm is not the only thing that ensures he’s a hit with the ladies, and to help you get into character ahead of the hotly-anticipated release of Spectre on October 26th, we’ve put together the ultimate Bond grooming guide to take you from semi-scruffbag to totally smooth mover before you can say “Shaken, not stirred”.


Bond is known for being super slick in more ways than one, starting with his hair. Invest in some industrial-strength pomade to get yours in shape.

The high-shine, wet-look style is a timeless classic, and couldn’t be easier to recreate. Just smooth a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade through damp hair and comb into place as you finish drying. Finally, add a little more product to smooth any frizz or flyaways, and you’re hot to trot – 007 style.

The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade


Remember that scene in Skyfall? Bond keeps it clean at all times with a decent close shave – and he knows all to well that the only way to do it right is with a good, old-fashioned cut-throat. Lather up well with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and a good shaving brush before going in with the The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor for the smoothest of results.

For the full rundown on how to shave like James Bond, check out our top tips.

The-Bluebeards-Revenge-Cut-Throat Razor
The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Razor


Furnish yourself with the manliest of fragrances to harness a small slice of Bond-appeal. The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette is fresh, masculine and full of sex-appeal – and with the iconic skull and crossbones logo laser-etched onto the bottle, things can’t really get much much manlier.

Any secret agent worth his salt knows very well that less is more, so keep spraying to a minimum and let the subtleness of the scent do the talking. Take it from us, the object of your desire won’t take too kindly to a spot of suffocation, and mor will anyone else.

The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette


Bond is intelligent enough to know that good hydration is what keeps the premature signs of ageing at bay. Time to Man Up and Moisturise, gents – it’s not by chance that he still looks so good after all these years.

The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser is a calming and soothing formula that is perfect for freshly-shaven skin, knocking redness and irritation on the head and smelling pretty darn good while it does it.

The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser

That’s grooming sorted – now put on a sharp suit, and the rest is up to you.


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