Grooming tips for winter

Grooming mistakes to avoid this festive season

The festive season is upon us, and with it comes the usual host of parties, get togethers and celebratory meals. Add to that the colder weather, biting winds and driving rain that are part and parcel of winter, and you might find that your current grooming routine no longer cuts the mustard. While a laid-back approach is largely successful in the summertime, at this time of year it is all too easy to make a faux pas – and failing to overhaul your routine could leave you red-faced in more ways than one.

We’ve rounded up six of the most common grooming mistakes of the festive season, and here we show you how to beat them fair and square.

A frizzy, unkempt beard
Beards need looking after just as much as the hair on your head – some might say even more so, considering the proximity to your mouth. To keep yours in tip top condition, wash with a gentle beard shampoo twice a week and detangle daily using a beard comb.

To ensure that both skin and beard remain healthy and well-nourished, apply a few drops of The Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil two to three times a week and massage into the skin beneath to encourage healthy hair growth. Run through the beard itself to smooth and condition, and you’re done.

Be sure to keep yopur facial hair neatly trimmed and even in length, tidying edges regularly with a good razor for smooth lines and a groomed appearance.

Overdone hair
While slicked-back hair is a popular look for keeping cool in the summer, the trend is showing no signs of abating during the colder months. As well as going overboard on your use of product, wind and rain can play havoc with even the best thought-out of hairstyles, particularly when gels and pomades are part of the equation.

Our advice? Save high-shine looks for days when battling the elements can be kept to a minimum, and remember that less is always more when it comes to your product. To achieve the perfect slick-back, wam a 10p-sized amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade between palms and distribute evenly through the hair, smoothing any flyaways into place as you go.

The Bluebeards Revenge’s styling products will keep your hair in check this winter.

Lifeless Locks

While on the subject of hair, it’s more than possible for it to be underdone, too. In the winter, you’ll need an extra helping hand to keep things in place, and to stop your barnet from looking limp, lacklustre and lifeless. Opt for an invisible-hold, matt-look product like The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste for effortless volume, and you’re good to go – but again, be sure not to go overboard, as should the heavens decide to open then things could still go awry when too much product mixes with rain water.

Parched skin
Just as you’ve got used to your summer skincare routine, the time has come to shake things up once again. While shine and grease are public enemy number one during the warmer months, the harsher elements, central heating and an insufficient skincare routine can all leave skin parched in the winter, and in desperate need of hydration.

To keep your quenched, opt for a slightly heavier moisturiser, and ensure that it is alcohol free to prevent further drying of skin. Make sure to apply it morning and evening for best results – and remember, consistency is key.

Dry hands
Hands tend to suffer the worst of the winter weather, as they are usually exposed and rarely protected in any way. Not only does the cold weather dehydrate your skin, but switching between hot and cold environments also causes drying of the nails, leaving them prone to cracks and looking far less than their best.

Think that handcare is for women only? Then think again. In a recent survey, 36% of people admitted that badly-groomed hands would prove to be a turn-off on a first date.

Keep a heavy-duty handcream in your man-bag or the glove-compartment of your car, and apply throughout the day as required.

Smelling forgettable
Fragrances are more easily detected in summer, when evaporation takes the scent off of the skin and in the direction of nostrils, but without the heat, the effect is diminished. In winter, we wear more layers of clothing, so feel free to opt for something a bit stronger. That said, dousing yourself from head to toe is still ill-advised, and will act as more of a repellent than anything else.


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