Men’s grooming resolutions for 2015

Like it or not, the Christmas festivities are over, and with New Year’s Day no doubt a complete write-off for most after a little alcohol-related over-indulgence, today is the time to start afresh. The second of January is the new first, and whether it’s your weight, your job, that relationship or your finances that have been bringing you down a bit over the past twelve months, the start of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes and improve your life.

While we’re not about to lecture you on the afore-mentioned list, one thing we can help you with is getting your grooming routine down to a tee – so if you’ve been being lazy, or haven’t quite got to grips with some of your tools, then look no further. While appearance isn’t everything, knowing that you’ve taken the time to prepare for the day and to get yourself looking presentable is bound to make you feel better than crawling out of bed five minutes before your work day begins.

Drink more water

Our first resolution may not immediately appear to have a great deal to do with grooming, but believe us, looking good starts from within. Staying well-hydrated means plumper, more resilient skin that looks healthier and is less prone to wrinkles. You’ve almost certainly heard the recommendation of eight glasses a day, so start sipping – your skin will thank you for it ten years from now.

Switch your razor from cartridge to double-edged

Triple-blade cartridge razors are a popular choice among shavers, but what many don’t know is that they could be doing themselves a disservice. In particular, those with sensitive skin would benefit from changing to a single-blade, double-edged safety razor, as doing so will minimise irritation and ingrowing hairs. Shaving can be tough on the skin if not executed in a considered manner, and if the passing of one blade is enough to irritate, well, you can probably figure out the rest. A single, double-edged blade is sharp enough to slice hair as close to the skin as possible in one go, without pulling or snagging. The added bonus? Less clogging.

Change your blade more often

On the subject of razor blades, there’s nothing worse than a blunt one. You could be seriously hindering your shave by leaving it too long to swap in a new one, so it’s important to replace it sooner rather than later. There is no set length of time after which to replace your blade, as it depends on how often you shave and how dense the hairs are, but you will be able to tell when you’re no longer getting the finish you were to start with. To prolong the life of your blade, take care to rinse any hair and shaving cream away following each use, and allow to air dry. The moment you see any rust beginning to appear, it’s time to bin it.

Get a new haircut

There’s no better time to mix it up in the style stakes than at the dawn of a new year, and if you’ve been sporting the same haircut since your school days then it’s time for a serious rethink. Short back and sides with extra length on top will ensure that you’re bang on trend for 2015, and can be worn in a variety of classic styles. Our favourite? The pompadour.

Replace your towels regularly

Holding onto the same towel for weeks on end is not OK, and while old habits die hard, you can change, if you really want to! There are varying opinions on how often these should go in the wash, but at a bare minimum, they need to be replaced at least twice a week.

Start using eye cream

Despite the manly image you cultivate, there’s no denying that you’d like to hold onto your youth as long as you possibly can. Invest in an anti-aging eye cream and apply religiously, morning and night, to banish wrinkles before they begin. Granted, it won’t keep them away forever, but it will delay them that little bit longer.


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