Men’s grooming tips for New Year’s Eve

If you were one of the many men who left their Christmas gift shopping until the 11th hour last week, then chances are, you’re just as likely to be unprepared for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thankfully, all you need is a few extra minutes to ensure that you look and feel your best on the big day, so whether you’ve got a big party lined up or are having a quiet one with the family, our quick tips will see you through any eventuality.

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Choose a classic hairstyle

It’s easy to get hair looking groomed to perfection with minimal effort – as long as you’ve got the right cut to start with. Short back and sides with extra length on top is the style of the season, and is versatile enough to work the slicked-back look, the side-sweep or the pompadour without too much hassle.
For an effortless look, add a little bit of pomade for a high-shine effect and comb backwards, away from the face. Can’t picture it? King of stylish men’s hair, David Beckham, is a good example.

Wear the right outfit

New Year’s Eve is generally a smart affair, so unless told otherwise, looking as though you’ve made an effort is key. Don’t go too crazy on the party snacks, as unlike Christmas, you won’t have a roomy jumper to disguise your ever-expanding waistline. Opt for tailored pieces and smart shoes to compliment your hairstyle and you can’t go far wrong.

Make the most of your fragrance

If you were lucky this Christmas, you might have found The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette under the tree, but instead of spritzing it onto your pulse points as usual, apply to your chest instead. Doing so will prevent the fragrance from dissipating as rapidly, as the area is not directly exposed to the air. Instead, it will waft out continually as you move around, but the bottom line is that you’ll stay smelling fresh and masculine throughout the day and night. An extra tip – don’t douse yourself in the stuff, as take it from us, it will have far from the desired effect!


Older family members tend to be appreciative of a freshly-shaven appearance, so take this into consideration if you’re spending the evening with relatives. In the past, it was considered good manners to shave before any special occasion, and largely, it still is. If you sport the bearded look, then tidy up around the edges, but otherwise, go in for the clean shave. Apply some Pre-Shave Oil to help soften hairs, before adding your shaving cream with a good quality brush. Shave in the direction of growth, using short strokes, and when finished, be sure to follow up with a Post-Shave Balm to calm and soothe the skin.


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