How to style a side parting with natural curls

Those with thick, naturally curly hair may often feel that they’ve drawn the short straw when it comes to keeping up with the best of the season’s hair trends, but in actual fact, it can be easily combined with a sharp cut to create a really individual look.

You’ll want to make the most of your curls rather than attempt to disguise them, making them a central feature of your look. Go for a low 1/2 grade on the back and sides, fading gradually downwards from the curve of the head. Leave the top section long, maintaining the bounce, but ask your barber to chop into to remove some of the weight if it’s particularly thick or all one length, as this will also inject an extra dose of texture.

The Bluebeards Revenge hair-styling range – for this look, choose the Matt Clay.

To style, wash and towel dry hair and scrunch dry to enhance your curls, parting your hair low on the side. Warm a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay between your palms and run through the lengths of the hair, sweeping across the head as you go. You won’t want to pull it directly across to the opposite ear, but in more of a diagonal direction towards the front of the head, leaving it loose rather than slicked down for a really easy, wearable look.

This works well because of the disconnection and contrast between the top section and the dramatic undercut, making it a great variation of one of this year’s biggest key trends.

This look comes courtesy of Bluebeards ambassadors, Braid Barbers – a big thanks to Robert Braid for supplying the imagery.


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