Hair Styling Headaches: What's the best product for your hair?

Hair Styling Headaches: What’s the best product for your hair?

Unless you’re rocking a shaved head these days, at least a little bit of work goes into getting your hair right. Contrary to what some guys may think hair styling products are not all the same. Depending on your hair, they can create very different results.

Do you know the difference between clays, pastes, waxes, powders, sprays, pomades, gels, foams? The list is practically endless. When choosing between staple hair products, you’ll need to consider your style, hair type, overall appearance, and sometimes the weather outside. Don’t panic, we’re here to give you the ins and outs of our products to help you find your perfect hair companion!

What is Pomade?

Pomade is the most classic hair product of all time, dating as far back to the 18th century where it was first used as an ointment before it became a hair product.  Back then it was made with mashed apple and animal fats! Nice eh! We’re glad to say that we’ve come a long way since then and our Pomade features a vegan-friendly formulation including a water base, so not only is it easy to apply it’s also easy to wash out while reducing greasiness.

Are you more of a classic man? Wanting to achieve a classic style? Then our Pomade is the one for you! Featuring a strong hold and high-shine formula, our water-based Pomade is perfect for creating classic men’s styles such as slick-backs, side-partings, pompadours and spikes. With its vibrant blood orange colour and long-lasting scent, it’ll keep your hair looking and smelling fresh all day and night.

Hair style created with The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade

What is Matt Paste?

Hair pastes are some of the best multi-purpose products on the market. They’re perfect for men that are new to the world of hairstyling as they are so versatile. Similarly to clay, they offer a hold that can be manipulated throughout the day.

Our Matt Paste can add boldness and character to your hair giving you the flexibility to try something new. Our silky styling Matt Paste features a flexible formula with a medium hold, so it can be used in damp or dry hair to create loose textured looks with ease. To pay homage to the barbers that inspired it, this vegan-friendly styling paste is finished with a fresh barbershop scent that lasts. Perfect if you like a fresh new look every day of the week!

Hair style created with The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste

What is Matt Clay?

Clay hair products generally have a medium hold and a matt finish. They are perfect for a men’s everyday hairstyle – loose, relaxed and re-workable.  Clay products can make your hair feel “fatter” by adding body, thickness and structure to the individual hair strands, and ultimately giving your hair structure and stability throughout the day.

If you hair is naturally a little flat then our Matt Clay will give you the volume and texture needed. Our easy-going Matt Clay has been specially designed to help master a diverse range of natural styles, such as messy quiffs and textured bedheads.

Hair style created with The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay

What is Styling Putty?

Hair putty is a matt product that can pull off that textured and tousled look you might be going for. If you’ve tried clay but ended up with dried-out hair, you may benefit from the use of putty. The great thing about hair putty is that it provides awesome control but maintains a conditioned look.

Our Styling Putty provides long-lasting texture and versatility, making it perfect for sculpting messy matt styles that last all day and night. Giving you the freedom to create messy texture with a strong hold formula and low shine combination.

Hair style created with The Bluebeards Revenge Styling Putty

What is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt sprays are versatile styling products that create effortlessly undone texture and body without feeling product heavy. Ideal for medium length to long styles, salt sprays will allow you to achieve a surf-inspired look, enhancing the appearance of waves while creating a beachy matt finish.  

Our Sea Salt Spray harnesses the natural properties of sea salt minerals helping you to create textured surfer hairstyles. A few simple spritzes will create a natural look with defining hold, volume and wave. So, if you’re looking for effortless texture with a medium hold then our Sea Salt Spray is the one for you!

Hair style created with The Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray

Hopefully that has cured your hair styling headache and you may have even learnt a thing or two along the way! There is a lot to consider when choosing the right product for your perfect hairstyle so we hope this has helped!

To explore our full range of styling products and accessories head over to our shop today!


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