How to beat the heat this summer

Whether the sun’s out at home or you’re jetting off on holiday, you’ll be wanting to keep your cool this summer, in more ways than one. Heat can spell disaster for your carefully styled hair, and excess sweat can bring with it a whole host of other problems.

1. Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated helps to regulate body temperature, so the more liquid you down, the more comfortable you’ll stay. Before you go getting too excited though, sadly we’re not talking about beer – water is the key, and alcohol will actually dehydrate you further.
So at risk of sounding like party poopers, maybe you should consider foregoing that extra pint for a bottle of mineral water?

Who are we kidding? We’ll just alternate.

2. Shave
There couldn’t be a worse time to be wandering around with a face full of hair than when on the beach, and for your information, the beard is so last year. With Peak Beard upon us, it’s time to reach for that razor, and trust us, the cool breeze on your skin will be worth every hair.

Make sure you do it before you jet off though – the last thing you want is an awkward tan line post-shave.

3. Dress appropriately
On the beach, shorts are the obvious choice, but if you really want to stay cool then the mankini is always an option – just don’t expect us to be seen with you.

On a serious note, off the beach go for natural fabrics like cotton as opposed to synthetics such as polyester – the latter will have you sweating like a pig, while the former allow your skin to breathe.

4. Deodorant
Unless you want the women around you dropping like flies, deodorant is of the utmost during the summer months. Choose a roll-on anti-perspirant for easy and precise application – not to mention discrete top-ups where necessary. Applying in the morning is usually enough if you’re using a decent enough choice, but we highly recommend showering and reapplying before going out in the evening, otherwise we can’t guarantee you won’t still be a woman repeller following a day on the beach!

A quick spritz of a manly Eau de Toilette may not necessarily keep you cooler, but it will certainly keep you smelling fresh.

5. Avoid closed shoes
Ok, so this might mean bearing your haggard, hairy toes to the world and striking fear into the hearts of potential partners, but rest assured, sweaty, stinky feet will do a whole lot worse. Trainers are reserved strictly for sport at this time of year, and thick sports socks are banished, too. It’ll save you a whole lot of embarrassment, anyway – have you forgotten how everyone upped and left the room the last time you removed your shoes in a summer social setting? Get a pedicure, and be done with it – we don’t care if it’s manly or not.

6. Have a cold shower
Seems obvious, but we had to throw this one in – there is nothing better when you are feeling hot and sweaty than jumping under a spray of cooling water. Not only does it feel good, but it’ll wash away any excess sweat, too – just remember to reapply your deodorant afterwards. Like we say, kid’s stuff – but we know what you manly lot are like, and you’d be surprised how many blokes still swerve the shower on occasion. It’s not cool to smell bad, and it’s certainly not cool to positively reek, so hot or not, get yourself in there.

7. Stock up on fruit and veg
Snack on fruit with a high water content to stay ahead of the game. Watermelon and cucumber are our top tips, as not only do they taste refreshing but will slowly release their moisture as they are digested, hydrating you from the inside out in a steadier way than water itself can manage.

8. If all else fails….
Take your clothes off and sit in front of a fan! If you’re really lucky then you might have air conditioning in your office, but frankly it’s pretty rare over here in the UK. It’s true that fans can be a bit of a hazard when there’s lots of important paperwork around, but angle it slightly away from you and allow it to rotate in order to get some air circulation going and you’ll feel all the better.

The nakedness, on the other hand, might not go down so well with the boss – save that one for your own time, please!


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