How to cut and style a textured pompadour

The Bluebeards Revenge has teamed up with award-winning barber Tom Chapman to help you cut and style a modern, textured version of the classic pompadour haircut!

With trimmed sides and a longer top that’s swept back to add volume, the classic pompadour is a hairstyle that’s lasted the test of time. It was made famous in the 1960s by a certain rock and roll superstar and has seen millions of modern interpretations since. Today, the classic style is still a popular choice, but for those men that are looking to stay at the forefront of fashion, we have a modern version. Below, Tom gives his top tips on how to cut and style a natural-looking, textured pomp that looks effortless and planned all at the same time!

About the style

Tom says: “The textured pomp is a more relaxed, natural finish in comparison to the classic pomp worn by the likes of Elvis Presley. It is styled with fewer products then the original and, as the name suggests, boasts a lot more texture throughout. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a classic look with a lot less maintenance.”

Create the look

1. Start by washing the hair with The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo and Conditioner. This will ensure the hair is clean and free of any previous styling products.

2. Dry the hair with a towel and apply a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray as a pre-styling agent. This will help to create accurate sections to work from.

3. Begin the cut by creating an asymmetric horseshoe section from the natural parting to the recession.

4. Add in a guide from crown to nape, cutting the hair from short at the perimeter to long at the crown. Follow the guide to the front hairline on both sides.

5. Release the top and blend it into the existing guides on the back and sides.

6. Using horizontal sections and the existing guides, point-cut the hair to add texture through the top.

7. Blow dry the top of the hair backwards using The Bluebeards Revenge Quiff Roller to add volume and texture.

8. Use clipper-over-comb techniques to come around the nape and create a slight taper.

9. Keep things soft as you tidy up the edges with your mini-clippers to achieve a textured ‘surfer’ vibe.

10. Finish off the look by working The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade through the top to add more separation and release all that added texture.

Styling the look at home

1. Wash the hair and dry it off with a towel.

2. Spritz The Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray into damp hair and comb through with The Bluebeards Revenge Quiff Roller.

3. Blow dry the hair backwards with the quiff roller to add volume and texture.

4. Finish off by running a small amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade from roots to tips.

And there you have it – a versatile pompadour that pays homage to the classic look, but requires less maintenance. For more expert hairstyling videos from The Bluebeards Revenge and master barber Tom Chapman, visit our YouTube channel.


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