How to cut men’s afro hair: tips from SliderCuts

At The Bluebeards Revenge we are always looking to learn, so when we were given the opportunity to pick the brains of celebrity barber Mark Maciver, better known as SliderCuts, we couldn’t write the questions quickly enough!

Below, Mark shares a few common mistakes that barbers make when handling afro hair, while our team of experts suggest which products from our range might be able to help.

Shaping up

Particularly popular in afro hair trends right now are sharp, clean hairlines shaped with either clippers or a cut-throat razor. These styles are perfect for men that are looking to strengthen their jawline.

“When it comes to shaping up afro hair, some barbers feel the need to push harder on the skin, but there really is no need to do this,” says Mark – the man that’s trusted to cut the hair of world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua.


According to Mark this bad barbering habit is born out of a misconception that afro hair is so much thicker and coarser than it actually is. “Afro hair is usually soft enough at the root and just appears coarser due to its curly, bushy nature,” he says. “Ultimately you still need to protect the skin and pushing too hard will only end in discomfort for your clients.”

To reduce potential irritation when shaping up your next afro hairstyle, The Bluebeards Revenge team recommends its Shaving Solution: a translucent shaving gel that helps to reduce the friction between a razor blade and the skin, while leaving a pleasant fragrance that lasts all day.

Hair growth patterns

Due to the curliness of afro hair, it can often be difficult to identify the direction of its growth, especially when the hair is longer. But Mark was quick to remind us that, “while it’s easier to see the direction of European and Asian hair, there is still a growth pattern under the bushiness of afro hair. The crown will always provide clues as to what this direction is.”

To get the best results from your cuts, make sure your consultation with your client is thorough and you take the time to correctly identify the direction of growth. This will make your experiences with afro hair much more enjoyable in the future.

Ingrown hairs

The art of wet shaving has seen a dramatic return to fashion in recent years, but offering this service to customers with afro hair can sometimes be challenging. According to Mark, this is because the natural curl in afro hair causes many men to suffer with ingrown hairs when cut/shaved too close. Thankfully, the award-winning barber has a few simple suggestions to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

“Make sure to wash and work the skin in circular motions before and after a cut/shave,” says Mark. “This helps to open the pores and limit the curl of the hair, meaning it should grow slightly straighter in its early days and is therefore less likely to curl back in to the skin.”

When performing a wet shave, The Bluebeards Revenge team suggests using its Vanguard Shaving Brush. The dense population of hairs in this brush helps to raise facial fuzz when used in circular motions – like the methods Mark suggested above. Combined with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, this brush will help to soften stubble and make working with curlier hairs easier for you and your razor.

Managing client expectations

All hair types are on a spectrum. At one end there is afro hair – very curl and bushy. In the middle is European hair – some curls, some straight looks and lots of waves. At the other end there is Asian hair – very straight.

However, Mark points out that afro hair also has its own sub-spectrum and that this needs to be considered when customers ask for particular styles: “When it comes to cutting afro hair, the difference in the density of curls can mean that the same clipper grade looks completely different on two separate customers. This is the sort of thing that’s very hard to judge and only comes through building a rapport with your clients: over time you learn how their hair reacts and what will work best for them.”


Recently, many of Mark’s loyal customers have been asking him to give them the same slick look that he regularly creates for TV presenter and radio DJ Reggie Yates. “Customers come in and say, ‘I want the same cut as Reggie,’ but they don’t understand that his hair is different to theirs and get confused when I say they will need a different grade. It’s all about educating them in the subtleties,” he explained.

To learn more about afro hair, barbering, and Mark’s award-winning business SliderCuts, book tickets and attend his upcoming master class in Shoreditch:


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