Posted by Melanie Kruger on March 6, 2014 Grooming Tips, Latest News No Comments

Partying on a Tuesday night might seem like a good idea at the time, but come Wednesday morning, last night is all a bit of a blur. You slowly emerge from your alcohol-induced slumber to the horrible realisation you’re probably going to be late for work, and all of a sudden things don’t seem quite so rosy. Your head is banging, you’ve got twenty minutes to leave the house, and that last Sambuca seems hell-bent on betraying you to the boss.

But before you fly into a blind panic (or pull the pillow over your head and go back to sleep), all is not lost – there are some quick and effective things you can do to limit some of the damage.

Swap those extra fifteen minutes in bed for a quick spruce-up, and no one has to know about those late-night Jaegerbombs.

First and foremost, get yourself up and in that shower and have a good old-fashioned wash with The Bluebeards Revenge Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes or Concentrated Body Wash, finishing with a quick blast of cold water to kick you into gear and leave you feeling wide awake.

It might all seem like too much effort, but if you really want to keep your little secret under wraps, then smelling clean and fresh is essential. And while you’re at it, give those teeth a good clean and rinse with mouthwash – no one wants to catch a whiff of last night’s kebab on your breath when they’re trying to type up a last-minute report.

Next up, it’s time for a shave, but before you start crawling back under the duvet in protest, consider that sporting a five o’clock shadow as you drag yourself into the office at 8am is really not a good look if you want to get that promotion. To maximise on time, why not reach for one of The Bluebeards Revenge’s most recent offerings, the Brushless Shaving Solution? With its slippery texture, your razor glides easily and painlessly over your face, resulting in a smooth, speedy shave.

Splash your face with cold water to get your circulation going and bring a bit of colour back to those ghostly cheeks, and slick on some Cooling Moisturiser to calm and soothe unhappy skin. Putting paid to any redness and inflammation, this is a hangover’s best friend, and after a quick spritz of deodorant you are ready to go – all with five minutes to spare for a quick cup of tea.