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How to groom your way to more money in the office

A study from the University of Chicago and UC Irvine has revealed that well-groomed and presentable men can expect to earn up to £11k more than those that look like they’ve been lost in the wilderness for years.

The Bluebeards Revenge is all about helping the ultimate man reach his goals, so here are our office grooming tips to arm you with the hair, face, and clothes to demand a pay rise from the big boss.

Keep hair tidy:

Next time you visit your barbershop, book your next appointment for roughly four weeks’ time. That way, just as your locks start to look shaggy, you can sit safely in the knowledge that you’ve got it covered. Go for something smart and easy to maintain too, such as a slick-back with a side part.

It’s also important to make sure you’re using the right hair products for your type of hair. Nobody wants to look at a mop that’s been drowned in that much product that it becomes a genuine health and safety issue. So, if you have thicker hair make sure you team it with waxes and pomades, if your hair’s a tad thinner, stick to sprays and gels.

Barber Haircut

If you’re rocking facial hair, make sure it’s neat and tidy. Grab a beard brush, beard oil, and some beard scissors and spend a few minutes a week brushing out the knots and tangles, cutting the stray hairs that sit outside your style, and just generally keeping things tidy.

Now that your beard and mop are under control, it’s time to deal with your eyebrows. Often neglected, these hairy fellows bring emotion to your face, making them one of your most important features.

With that in mind, one large caterpillar that stretches from eye-to-eye simply isn’t good enough. Plucking can be time consuming, so if you’re really that busy, ask your barber to sort them next time you’re in the chair – trust me, they’ve probably heard it before.

Look after your skin:

It’s no great secret that moisturising is now more than acceptable for us gents, so make sure you work it in to your daily grooming routine.

When working on the face, make sure to apply moisturiser in areas and dab it in, rather than aggressively scraping it around your chops. This helps to draw toxins out of the pores and also prevents oily build ups along the hairline.

Spend some time tending to your eyes too. Dark circles are not going to earn you any extra cash, and frankly make it look like you had one hell of a messy weekend. Most moisturisers are a little too harsh for your eyes, so double check the labels first, or go for an eye-roller.

Post-Shave Care

Keep your nails trimmed and ready for formal handshakes:

If you’re working in an office, your hands are often on show, whether they’re hammering away at your keyboard, or shaking executives’ hands. This means it’s important to keep your nails short and square; cut them once a week (preferably after a bath or shower when the nails are softer). If you’re a nail biter, try investing in a deterrent spray too – the taste should stop you nibbling.

Lastly, spare a little of your moisturiser to care for those nasty flakes of rough skin at the base of the nails.

Learn the difference between a deodorant and anti-perspirant, and apply accordingly:

Some men sweat a lot, some don’t. And for both, there is an under arm solution. For men that sweat very little, a deodorant is probably best. Deodorant is designed to help mask the smell of body odour, rather than try and outright prevent it.

In comparison, anti-perspirant goes out of its way to physically block sweat glands, making it more appropriate for men that tend to sweat profusely under even the smallest amount of office-related pressure.

Of course, when you’re wearing your favourite light blue shirt and want to impressive that office crush, there’s nothing wrong with teaming the two together for ultimate protection. But be careful you don’t get carried away and destroy the nasal passages of everyone that shares your air space.

If teaming a deodorant with an anti-perspirant isn’t for you, then think about wearing light colognes that aren’t too strong.

Eau De Toilette

Dress sharply:

Personally, a navy suit works best for me in an office environment. Navy suits look serious and sharp. Make sure it’s a two-button suit, and keep your top button done up to help slim your figure. Wear it with a crisp white, spread collar shirt (as it never goes out of style and matches everything) and finish with a silk, textured knit tie and smart shoes.

Once you’re suited and booted, make sure you keep your pockets as empty as possible, and avoid carrying loose change and keys that will jangle as you walk. There’s nothing worse than a crisp, well-pressed suit being ruined by the bulge of a man’s wallet in his back pocket, or the confident walk of a businessman becoming distracting because of the tinkling of coins.

So there you have it. Now, march in to the office – looking, smelling, and feeling great – shake hands with your boss, and ask when you’re next pay rise is. Hopefully he/she will be that amazed by your transformation that they’ll promote you immediately.


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