Maintaining a beard with beard oil and a beard brush

How to fix a patchy beard

Beards are no longer just for the man who can’t be bothered to shave; they are now a style accessory to be worn with pride at parties and in the office. But when your genetics have decided that you aren’t going to have the thick, luscious lumberjack beard you so desire, what can you do about it?

We’ve teamed up with Hard Grind Dundee’s Head Barber – and winner of Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 – Vincent Quinn to help you make the most of your patchy facial hair.

First off, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Most men grow a patchy beard in one way or another and very few are in fact able to sprout the macho beards you see in magazines. How you go about dealing with it is important and it can be resolved!

Style it out:

When you commit to growing your beard, you’ll notice that it will soon hit a length when patches become obvious. The easiest way to disguise these patches is to keep it just under the length at which they appear. This can be done by adopting more of a designer stubble than a wild tree felling, axe swinging look.

Patience and a good barber:

You can’t change the genetics of how your beard grows, but a good barber can help to sculpt your facial hair to create a longer style with less patches. This takes time and regular trips to the barber shop, but is well worth it.

For this, it’s all about maintaining a balance: if it’s patchy on the cheeks but thick on the jaw, the thickness under the jaw will make the cheeks look even patchier. As much as you’d like to keep all of your beloved growth, you have to think about the finished look.

Ask your barber to tighten off the thicker areas to balance out the finer parts that don’t touch to make it look more even. Let it grow for a few more weeks and repeat. This lets the finer, patchier areas catch up. It’s a longer process but hey, the other option is a chin strap!

beard oils, beard brush and mostache wax

Styling your new beard:

Now that you’ve turned your patchy facial fuzz into something to be proud of, it’s important to maintain it with the products it deserves. Make sure you wash your beard well when you shower, and consider applying a beard oil to keep it soft and smelling fantastic. Finally, use a beard brush to untangle knots and help spread essential oils from your beard oil all the way through the hair.

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