How to get out of a grooming rut

Weekday mornings are always a mad rush – you press snooze on your alarm just one too many times, and before you know it, it’s a five-minute dash to get yourself out of the door on time. With every second counting, and the ever-present pressure of the daily grind bearing down, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a grooming rut that’s so deep, you just can’t seem to find a way out.

If you’ve been sporting the same old hairstyle for years on end, and your razor is rusting away somewhere in the depths of your bathroom cabinet, it’s time to make some changes, and doing so might be a whole lot easier than you think.

Invest in a new hair-styling product

Trying a new styling product can be one of the simplest ways to update your look. If you’ve been playing it safe with the mattified bed-head look for the past few years then why not opt for one of this season’s slicker, high-shine styles? Classic looks such as the pompadour and the quiff are smart and suave, and finished with a wet-look pomade, will take you from day to night without a hair falling out of place.

Amp up your shaving routine

Sick of less-than-smooth shaves? It might be time to reassess your choice of tool. If you rely on triple-blade cartridge razors then consider throwing caution to the wind and investing in single-blade, double-edged safety razor – or if you’re up for a really manly shave, then try a cut-throat. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more blades involved, the better the shave – this actually couldn’t be further from the truth. A single, sharp blade will give you the cleanest cut and the closest of shaves, without the irritation.

In terms of your products themselves, it’s well worth ditching the gels and mixing up a rich lather using some cream and a brush for a more luxurious shave, but those who are really pressed for time don’t have to neglect their facial grooming all together. Try an easy-to-apply brushless shaving solution for a quick and effective session.

Try a new fragrance

The majority of men will wait until they are given an aftershave or cologne for Christmas, and proceed to reach for that same bottle, day in, day out, until the next time festive season rolls around. Break out of your routine and get yourself a couple of different ones to choose from – a new scent can have a real impact on your day, lifting your mood and attracting attention for all the right reasons. Just remember – less is always more, so go in with a light hand.

Treat yourself

Once a week, make the effort to get up that little bit earlier, and treat yourself to a hot towel shave. Pampering isn’t just for women, and this would make a great de-stressing mid-week treat. Soak a towel or large flannel in hot water and squeeze out the excess before placing over your face, allowing the steam to penetrate your pores and soften stubble. Not only is this a great way to prepare for a wet shave, but it’s also good for detoxing the skin. Really can’t make time during the week? Then use it as a weekend reward after a tense week at work. If you’ve been working the beard trend for the past couple of years, then why not take the plunge and go clean-shaven? The well-groomed look is what it’s all about for 2015.


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