How to improve your barbershop with social media

The ability to browse and buy online has revolutionised the way we shop. Why would anyone feel the need to leave their warm and cosy home when their groceries and clothes can be delivered straight to their door? The answer lies in our need to socialise, of course.

Barbershops and hair salons are now among the most popular attractions on British high streets due to their social environments and essential services. While this is excellent news for the industry, it does mean that it’s now harder than ever to stand out from the competition. Below, industry-leading barber Tom Chapman shares his tips on how to make a professional hair business shine with the help of social media.

Why does social media matter?

“When I started my career in barbering, I lived in a small seaside town in the South West of England. Social media has made the world of barbering accessible to me and granted me with a list of opportunities I could only have dreamed of: I have travelled the world; hosted talks in front of thousands; collaborated with brands and inspirational barbers; I’ve even started a charitable movement with The Lions Barber Collective. If used properly, social media can create a booming business for hair professionals without breaking the bank.”

“Social media has become a fantastic place for hair professionals to share their successes and inspire others. It has improved interaction within the industry and created a close knit community along the way.” – Tom Chapman

The importance of Instagram

“Instagram is a powerful tool for barbershops and salons. It’s the perfect platform to build an online portfolio, accessible to the world and any potential clients. To gain followers, ensure that you post regularly and that your posts paint a clear picture of your professionalism. Save your personal life and goings-on for your story, where you can highlight your personality to your followers. Always make sure you spend some time interacting with your followers too – spend 30 minutes each day commenting, liking and messaging those who inspire you.”


Creating a Facebook Business Page

“Creating a Facebook business page is not as daunting as you might think. And once you’ve got this in place you will be able to interact with your clients on a whole new level.

“An organised Facebook business page will ultimately allow you to interact with your clients on a personal level that reflects that of them sitting in your chair. It will grant them access to your business in the comforts of their own homes and encourage them to share your passion with others.

“With a business page, you can put together simple adverts that target specific demographics based on age, gender and even geographical locations. This is super important as you look to stand out from the competition in the surrounding areas. With just a few clicks you can make sure every man within a 50-mile radius knows that your shop is the place to go for his next haircut/shave.

“You can also host fun competitions aimed at getting your customers to interact with your page. Try asking customers to tag friends to increase the size of your audience. Or why not offer discounts when they next visit your shop? It won’t take long until you notice your business getting busier.”

Stay tuned to The Bluebeards Revenge for more expert barbering tips!


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